Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday [28 February 2011]

Usually, on Monday, the best word to describe me is 'torpid'. I think you know why. Two days of weekend seemed to be insufficient to fully restore my energy. Blame myself for that. The usual activities during the weekend would be staying up the whole night just to virtually socialize through Facebook, reading blog entries, downloading songs from Gallivanter, Skype-ing with my significant other, Chatroulette-ing with strangers which is kinda dumb, shopping at Uptown, playing CLUEDO with my housemates, eating heavy meal and watching porn.

Haha! Part watching porn tu cuma gurauan semata-mata tau. It should never happen. Saya tidak buat benda tu sebab saya budak baik, walaupun dulu saya pernah tertengok. Note the prefix 'ter' before the word 'tengok' OK. It signifies that I had no intention of watching it in the first place. Kalau kamu mau jadi budak baik, janganlah tengok benda-benda yang tidak baik tu. Peliharalah mata kamu daripada melihat dosa. OK?

Back to my original story, today was quite different than the other previous Mondays. I actually felt very energetic today. Why? I have no idea. Let's just assume that I had enough beauty sleep during the previous two days. Yep, that is probably the reason. 

But then, when I checked my organizer, my head felt like exploding. This week is going to be hectic as hell. There will be tests, submission of assignments, replacement classes up to 8 hours which is like WTF, workshops, majlis amanat and so on and so forth. A lot isn't it? 

What should I do now? I think I should pray. Or maybe go somewhere on a vacation. Yep, I think I need a vacation. I need a break from all these, whatever these are.

Hm. Rasa macam mau pergi ke Paris tapi bila fikir tentang kos, terus tukar fikiran. How about Bali? Hm. Maybe. We'll see. 


Georgie Joseph said...

mari pi langkawi.

Fanzi Ruji said...


Aly89 said...

Si mimi mo p Bali jga tu...p la kmu honeymoon-ing...hahaha