Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Refleksi Diri

While I was browsing through some blogs, I came across with this one, BUJANG SUSAH. I find that his posts are quite interesting, interesting enough for me to follow.

Just now, I read his comment on my previous post, KK Moments. He commented that I have such a nice blog - thank you very much for that - and also mentioned something about RIAK. What does he means by that? Thus, I begin to wonder.

Ini komen blogger Bujang Susah dalam entry KK Moments

Assalamualaikum... Salam ziarah dari sahabat.. nice blog n good entry.. 

Sedikit tips dan info buat teman2 bloggers.. perkara remeh yg kita kurang perasan dan tutor 4 the latest read more.. tengok jgn x tengok.. sila

Semoga bermanfaat insyaAllah.."Sebaik-baik manusia ialah orang yang dapat memberi manfaat kepada orang lain"(Hadis riwayat Al-Qudhi).


P/S: Sedikit perkongsian dan renungan buat sahabat dan diri sendiri dari hamba yang hina jua serba kekurangan ini... sila klik

"Sesungguhnya yang paling ditakutkan daripada apa yang aku takutkan menimpa kalian adalah asy syirkul ashghar (syirik kecil). Sahabat bertanya: "Apakah dimaksudkan syirik kecil itu? Baginda menjawab: Riak." (Hadis riwayat Imam Ahmad).

"Demi masa. Sesungguhnya manusia dalam kerugian. Melainkan mereka yang beriman dan beramal soleh serta saling menasihati untuk kebenaran dan saling menasihati untuk kesabaran". - Surah Al-Asr:1-3.

blog anda bagus dan bermanfaat...!!! Teruskan menulis.. Semoga sejahtera dan semoga sentiasa diberi keberkatan.. wassalam.

December 22, 2009 5:09 PM

Terdetik di hati saya, apakah motif di sebalik komen tersebut? Do I sound 'riak' to him? Or is it just a good reminder / advice - it is actually. 

Motifnya hanya saudara Bujang Susah yang tahu. Sebagai seorang manusia biasa, saya tidak dapat mengelak daripada memikirkan bahawa mungkin saya tampil riak melalui apa yang saya utarakan dalam post saya sebelum ini. Jikalau ada sesiapa yang berfikiran sedemikian, saya meminta maaf. Niat saya bukan untuk membangga diri dengan apa yang saya post dalam blog ini. Saya cuma ingin berkongsi pengalaman. Semua perkara yang saya bincangkan dalam blog saya ini adalah berdasarkan pengalaman diri saya sendiri dan saya tidak pernah berniat untuk membangga diri. 

Maybe I over-analyzed Bujang Susah's comment. But it's OK coz it's a good thing for me. I came to think of how people perceived what we said and how we thought we were doing it right. Each individual has different ways of looking at things. Some things might be true to some people and might not to some others. Just like what my friend, Fairuz always say, being not normal is NORMAL to some people and being normal is ABNORMAL for some others. My point is, we look at things differently.

Well, back to the issue, apakah motif saudara Bujang Susah? I have no friggin idea. But thanks so much. You've made me reflect on myself. =)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

KK Moments

I feel ultra-excited today. Why? I'll tell all about it here.

But before that..

Continuation from my last entry, yeah, regarding the Miss World thingy.

So, Miss World 2009 is Miss Gibraltar!

Shocking? Not really. I don't really care actually. Miss USA is still my fav.


Okay, where was I just now? Oh yeah. I am excited today. So many things happened today (in the house).

Where shall I start? 

How bout when I woke up this morning? Hm, sounds great! Haha!

I woke up early in the morning today, nothing much happened. It was ordinary except that it was super hot outside. Luckily, I was inside the house. In fact, I didn't even touch the ground today. The sun were not able to harm me. So I was safe.

Later, Ian James came. For song practice of course. So we practiced and practiced until suddenly we were disturbed by the sound of Mel, the cat. Mel kept on meow-ing. We had no idea what her problem was until we saw some kind of liquid coming out from her vagina part. Wait, is that a right word to describe that part of an animal? Doesn't matter lah. Yang penting kamu faham. Haha.

Anyway, we then came to realize that Mel was going to give birth. We rushed and searched around to find her a box but the cat refused to give birth in the box. Instead, she went into Mink's wardrobe and stayed there. We were like, "OK fine! Let her in there".

We waited for like 3 hours to finally see her giving birth to her first kitten. It was amazing. Delivering a baby sounds very painful yet Mel did it effortlessly. The kitten fell down on the floor from her vagina like a water flowing from a pipe. It was my first time watching a God's creature gave birth.

Mel still had one more to deliver. But this time it wasn't easy. We saw a leg coming out. Wait, something is very wrong here. Supposedly, the head was supposed to come out first.

"Uina, kelahiran SONGSANG ini!"

So we waited, waited, waited for quite some time but nothing happened. Poor cat. She couldn't let the kitten out and she was in terrible pain. Therefore, we decided to help her. Mink and I pulled the leg out. Sambil c Mel meneran sambil kami tarik. Finally after like an hour of pulling and 'meneran-ing', it was finally out. Phew! We officially became a vet today. But, unfortunately the kitten is dead. Poor cat. Mel has lost one of her two kittens. Good thing she still has one. I bet she's going to really really love her only kitten. Mel fell asleep just after the whole thing. I bet she must be really really exhausted. Kesian betul.

Anyway, it was interesting yet sad. What an experience! Hehe.

Moving on, we sat and relaxed after the whole incident. Suddenly, a message came. It was from Asmin Mudin. 

He's gonna give me the demo my new song today! Yeay! 

Later, he came and gave me the demo. Tdk sabar mw dengar. Haha.

So, I've heard it and I love it. It sounds just right, just like my style. I can't wait to go into a recording studio and record the song. Haha.


This is regarding my performance at Sutera Harbour. Mior just called and said that they are missing a piano for that event. No piano means no pianist and that simply means I'm not going to perform. They said they are still working on it and hopefully they can find a piano. That's just sad. I've been practicing for quite some time and it's just not fair. However, I'm still OK if they cancel the performance because I am less confident to sing those jazzy jazzy kinda songs. It's way beyond my music genre. Nnt kalo x ngam, org x suka pla. It's dangerous!

Well, that's all for this time.
See you again.
Signing out, Fanzi.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Miss World 2009

I've read somewhere that Madeline Nandu was Malaysia's representative for the Miss Earth pageant. As a Sabahan, I'm glad for her because she's also a Sabahan. I sound so patriotic, I know. Hehe. Although she didn't win the title but still, she proved that Sabahan chicks are 'spicy' (I mean beautiful la tu). 

Bila sda baca-baca artikel pasal Miss Earth ni tergerak pla hati mw tgk-tgk pasal Miss World pla. Therefore, I typed Miss World 2009 on the Google's search bar and clicked whatever I was supposed to click. Hm, cun-cun  & lawa-lawa juga lah wanita-wanita itu. I searched high and low for the ONE girl that shall be my favourite among the bunch. I scrolled down the page and this one girl from USA caught my attention. She's damn HOT. Her name is... I forgot her name. Let's just call her Miss America.

Isn't she lovely? I want her to win. USA rules Miss World 2009. Go USA! Uiseh, Malaysia please don't hate me. Oh ya, sy ada tgk jugak Malaysia punya representative. Not bad. Ada ummph juga. I forgot her name but I think she's capable on bringing competition to the other girls. Have I mentioned that our Miss World girl this year is Indian? Yes, she's Indian and she's beautiful. I think she's one of the best Malaysian representatives to the competition. Walaubagaimanapun, Miss Deborah Priya Henry tetap menjadi pujaan ku. Hikhik. She's the best. Oh ya, and Lina Teoh also.

By the way, Miss Indonesia and Miss Mexico pun lawa juga.

Miss Indonesia

Miss Mexico

Here's Miss World Malaysia 2009. 

I'd be happy if she wins the title, because she's Malaysian and I'm Malaysian. But I'm really rooting for Miss America. Peace!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sweet Surprise

My friends informed me that the results are out. I tried to log in the UiTM website but it wasn't easy because the web server was busy. I continuously refreshed the page and finally managed to enter after like 30 minutes of clicking the refresh icon.

This sem, sy x expect result yg bgs sebab the subjects x senang. Kebanyakannya susah-susah. The only subject yg sy yakin dpt A ialah Drama. Waktu page loading tu, dlm hati sy bdoa moga-moga pointer x turun dr 3.00.

Like POOF! the page was fully loaded. I was shocked because my result was insane. Ndala meletup gila-gila tahap dewa dewi tp OK la dr jangkaan sy. Ada ka patut dpt A untuk Phonetics. I was like, "Biar betul ini? Result org lain kali sy buka ni". Cek-cek lagi, hm, mmg result sy ba pula. Syukur kepada Allah. Alhamdulillah. Dapat masuk DL juga. I managed to accomplish my mission. Last sem pointer sy jatuh. Sem ni naik balik. Thank God. Tercapai juga hasrat mw dpt DL sem ni. Next mission, DL lg next sem. Amin.

Seperti jangkaan, Drama dpt A. Yg mengejutkan Phonetics dpt A. Plus or minus tu x pyh la bgtw. Hehe. I thought I was gonna fail my French subject because I accidentally slept throughout the last test and left the room with so many unanswered questions on my answer sheet. Tp OK jugak pla. 

I'm lucky this time. Hopefully it'll continue.

Buang Tebiat

Hols are fun. No time for internet and stuff. Right now I'm in KK, preparing for the show (Vacheron Constantin / Cortina Watch) at Ferdinand's, Sutera Harbor (Woah, sounds so grand, right? Hehe). I'm really nervous yet excited about this show. Mr Mior is really hoping the best from us.

Kali ni sy mw tulis blog dlm bahasa Melayu slang Sabah. Malas sda sy mw ber-speaking. Haha. Campur-campur la kali. Mcm tu org Penampang selalu cakap "Eh, today you don't write blog kah? I rindu mw baca blog you. So boring this if teda yg mw dibaca".

So, lemme talk about the show. According to Mr Mior, the event is to promote jam tangan. I dunno la jam tangan yg mcmn tu tp yg penting I'll be singing. Ian James will be the pianist. He's one of the most talented pianists I've ever met. Jari jemari dia punya men laju kalo dia main. Boleh challenge Maxim sda. And he has a very good R&B voice too. Mmg complete package lah as a musician. I envy him. I wish I had his fingers. So, we'll be collaborating for the show. Just so you know, this is the second time I work with him dlm ni 'bisnes'. Hehe. If you remember Konsert KPM, he was the arranger of the song Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You.

So, back to the show, I'll be performing 15 songs (there'll be 3 sets of performances). Yang bikin mati tu semua lagu jazz. I think most of you yg pernah dgr sy nyanyi mesti sda tau yg genre jazz is not my cup of tea. Adeh, mati la ni meng-adjust singing style nanti. Nda payah jerit-jerit sda. Mesti buat mcm b'bisik jak. Haha.

Anyway, the event will be on the 16th December. Wish me luck guys. Skrg tgh busy praktis lagu-lagu ni.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Fs Vs Fb

I'm not sure when was the last time I checked in my Friendster account. I opened it this morning and


New layout. I thought it was kinda cute with its new green header until I realized that I actually have seen this layout before.


I thought, "Ah, never mind". Then I opened my Facebook and then I noticed that Friendster's new layout looks almost the same. The word CLONE suddenly popped up in my head.

Is it just me or do they really look almost similar?

Let's see and compare.

Friendster versus Facebook




So, they both do look similar, I think. What do you think? We all know that Facebook is like the new girl in town and Friendster is maybe trying to compete to regain its ultimate reputation long time ago before Facebook came into the picture. But can they compete by cloning Facebook? Okay, it's not cloning because they are not exactly similar. But the similarities are obvious. 

I love Friendster. I created my first blog there. I love Facebook as well. It's modern, funky and cool. Oh, I love them both but I gotta admit, Facebook is HOTTER.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Many people have been asking me this question, "Do you have a girlfriend?"

I told them, "Yes I do have many girlfriends".

"You know exactly what I'm talking about. I am talking about a special one".

"Oh, that one. Hm......."

I always become speechless when people ask that question.

Then I said, "No comment".

"I know you have many. Don't even try to deny it. You think I don't know you. I know you very well la bro".

"Owh really? You think you know me. You have no idea".

Once and for all, I wanna make it clear (if those people are reading this), I am single. I don't like commitment. I hate being in a relationship. I wanna be free. I wanna enjoy single life. I'm poor and cannot afford to be in a relationship. I have low self esteem and I suck when talking to girls. I'm a bad lover.

[Hopefully this last paragraph can express the ultimate fed-up state that I am in right now.]

Thank you very much.

3 Hot Stuff

Oh, I'm so in love with this song, Cry Me Out by Pixie Lott. Her voice's amazing and she's very pretty.

And I love this one too, Tik Tok by Kesha. When I listen to it, I wanna dance like hell.

And Lady Gaga looks so hot in her new video, Bad Romance. The song's kinda cool too. Well, if it's from Lady Gaga, I'm always loving it. Go Gaga!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Old Folks

You might think this is funny and impossible but it's really happening in real world.

The story goes like this~

There was this old man. He was on his way to town with his son. The son was driving the car for him. On their way to town, they were stopped by police and were asked to pull over. The policeman came and asked the old man. 

"Encik, kenapa tidak pakai tali pinggang keledar?"

The old man pulled his tali pinggang keledar and entwined it on his head and said,
"Macamana mau pakai benda ni? Saya tidak tau".

The policeman shook his head and let them pass.

What happened?
Assuming that the tali pinggang keledar the policeman was talking about is a topi keledar (just because of the word 'keledar'), the old man thought that the tali pinggang keledar should be used on the head as in what people usually do with topi keledar.

Poor old man. I pity this guy. You see, most old folks nowadays are left behind without knowledge about most simple things in the present world. What have their children been doing? They were may be the most knowledgeable people during their time but time has changed. So does its people and life. And it's sad that these old folks couldn't catch up with the present life.


Saturday Blues

Jeng, jeng jeng! *laughing out loud*

I'm kinda happy today. Probably because I'm here at my kampung and Mom's here and the weather is amazing.

It's sunny and windy. I just love it!

I just finished reading my friends' recent posts in their blog. I've read Pai's. Sakit gigi bha dia. I pity you. Don't know what else to say to you. It's not cool when your own body part is causing you so much pain. Right now, my right ear is killing me. I was having trouble sleeping last night. Thank God right now the pain is taking a holiday. Please do not come to work tonight.

I've also read Zuan's.
*laughing out loud* I didn't know you have a hijab-ed girlfriend. How long has it been since I last met you? Wow, you like wholly covered girls now huh? Just kidding. Anyway, I really want to say "Your mom's cool". Oh and yeah, I do agree with Im. Your title is kinda overused. *laugh*

And I also have read some more others. Reading you guys' posts really made my day.

Keep on posting guys. I'd love to read it.

What's my story today? I guess nothing much. Right now I'm upstairs in my sister's room, alone. Just now my sister came in and tried to disturb me. As a result, she was kicked out from the room. I shooed her like she was a dog.
*laughing out loud*

Well, she asked for it. She knew it very well that I don't like to be interupted when I'm focussing on doing something. Yet, she did it. Serve her right! No hard feeling okay Sis. It's all business.


Right now I'm trying to think what to write.

10 minutes had passed and I'm still clueless.

15 minutes.

20 minutes.


Gosh, this isn't taking me anywhere. I guess that's all for now.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Hols & Happy Eid

Wow! It's been a while.
I have nothing much to say. Just wanna wish you guys Happy Holidays and Happy Eid to all Muslims. 


Thinking of sharing something here but apparently, there's nothing I could dig in my cute brain. My online time is limited now. Life's great but a bit boring. in conclusion, I don't have anything to talk about. I guess I'll have to wait for the lightbulb then. 

Until then, goodbye.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Me Against The Internet

My broadband is still dysfunctional and 'll be heading back to my home tomorrow. This means...


Oh no! Life's gonna be freaking boring. This is bad for me.

How-is-it-going-to-affect-me list:

01. Without internet, I'll be bored. Boredom kills me.

02. When I'm bored, usually I'll watch TV - for the whole day, for the whole week and it goes on until I notice my freaking big eye-bags. I'll have boobs under my eyes. Oh no!

03. When I'm bored, I'll find something to eat and eat non-stop until I realize my flat tummy isn't flat anymore. No, I don't wanna be pregnant.

04. Internet keeps me occupied. Without it, I'll be damn free. I'll tend to sleep when I'm free. What if I'm free for a month? I guess I'll be sleeping for the whole month and wake up in a coffin.

Okay, maybe I exaggerate a little bit. But you know, I'm a home type of person. I don't usually go out unless I have something to do outside. I spent most of my time surfing the net. How am I going to live throughout the holidays without internet?

My poor blog, I will not be able to update you after tomorrow.

My poor Ghost Trappers, what will happen to you?

My broadband, please come back. I beg you.

See you again after the holidays. I'll miss you guys. Bye for now.

I'm Coming Home

Tomorrow I'll be going back to my hometown, Ranau. I've only been here (KK) for 4 days and my family is already calling, asking me to go back to Ranau as soon as possible. 

"What is your business there? If you don't have anything else better to do other than loitering around KK, it's better for you to go back!"

My evil mind starts to think. 

"For God's sake please stop telling me what to do!  I'm 21 years old, not 7 or 15 years old. I'm older than you think. I want to do things that I love which is being away from home and live free."

If only I can say that. I know I can't. My family is always number one. I owe them my life because without them, I'll be dead long time ago. So, what next for me?

Yes, I'll do what they asked me to do - heading back to Ranau.

Hm, need to pack tonight and wake up early tomorrow. Time to go back to civilization. Haha~

Friday, November 20, 2009

Fast Rewind

I never had a clear idea when did I write my first blog. Just now when I checked back my old Friendster account, I found out that I actually have a blog there. I created my Friendster account some time in
September 2006 (Wow, that was long ago when I was still 18) and right now I have 705 friends (I have no idea I have that many friends). Anyway, I stopped Friendster-ing when I start Facebook-ing (Poor Friendster).  

Okay, back to the original (It's about blog, right?). So, I found my old blog, and it was awesome! It's like you've found the biggest discovery on earth for example the tomb of a new pharaoh named Kalabakabakabakush or the skeleton of never before discovered species of dinosaur named Z-Rexasaurutaurunisaurus (Wow, how on earth did I come out with that names). 

My very first blog was posted in November 2006. It was very short and simple. Here it is:

"Hellloooo… Testing… Itu jak… Bye…"

That was it! I know right, so adorable. Haha~ The last entry was in August 2008. 

I'd like to keep it. I mean, I'd like to link that old blog with this one because it's such a treasure. That blog is like the father of this blog. Haha~ Will there be another generation of this blog? We'll see, hopefully.

I'd like you guys to read it. It's not great, not that good but it's not that bad. =)

Here's the snapshot. 
Click [here] to open the page.

The blog contains highly personal stuff. Much of my entries there are about my life, love life and etc. If you have no problem reading that kind of stuff, you're gladly invited to read. 

P/S: I just wanna say, those eyes in the snapshot are my eyes. 
My eyes are gorgeous. Huahuahua~

Goodnight Wish

You work hard today,
Hoping that you'll have a better life tomorrow.

You laugh today,
Hoping that you'll continue with smile tomorrow.

You cry today,
Hoping that you'll be forgiven tomorrow.

You live today,
Hoping that you'll wake up tomorrow.

Tonight you wonder,
Whether you'll continue breathing or die tomorrow.

Are you scared?
Of thinking what you have done.
Or are you glad?
Of thinking how you've changed your life.

When you go to bed tonight,
Pray to the One you trust,
If you're lucky,
He'll give you more tomorrows,
For those who got 'eliminated',
May peace be upon you all.

Goodnight my dear friends,
We need to rise tomorrow,
Because we are sinners. 

Fanzi Ruji

Thursday, November 19, 2009


There are just so many things lingering in my mind right now.

Half a year in Shah Alam was really - what I call - a sweet torture because life was hard but it was fun. I did many things there. I met new friends. But when it comes to lectures, it was like, urgh. Simply put, life after lecture hours was awesome. 

Anyway, I'm in Sabah now, back to my hometown. Hopefully next semester in UiTM will be much more pleasant than what I've been through this semester. Yes, 'much more pleasant' means more shows, more side income and more shopping. Hahahaha~ 

Right now, the only thing that lingers in my cute mind is to 'find money' (cari duit). How? By singing of course. I'll try to contact DBKK for any show that available. If I'm lucky, I'll get an invitation to perform. Amin. 

Also, if I'm really-really lucky, I'll get to record a single this year. It's in the plan but it's not confirmed. We've already discussed with Asmin Mudin (One of Sabahan's best song composers. He wrote Gemilang that is sung by Jaclyn Victor). The song is of course going to be in Dusun and will be re-recorded later in Bahasa Melayu. Oh God, please let this happens for me. Amin. Hehe~ Anyway, all these are still in planning. There are still so many things need to be done so I guess I'll have to wait. If not this year, maybe next year or next next year or 5 years later. I don't care, I'm still gonna wait and work towards it. DETERMINATION baby! DETERMINATION!  

Well, pray for me. =)

My current mission - to get as many invitation to perform as possible and to win as many competition as possible. Strive!