Friday, February 18, 2011

Welcome to the world, Jimmy Neutron.

This is going be very brief, I hope so.

My sister called just now and told me that my sister (the other sister) had safely given birth to a baby boy at 8 PM last night (17 February 2011). Yeah, I have a new nephew! So altogether, I have like 2+4+2+1+4+1=14 anak buahs. Woah! Suddenly, I feel old. Huhu~

The boy weighs at 3.6+ Kg or 3.4+ Kg (I'm not so sure, sorry). Wow, that's quite heavy for a newborn Asian baby. He must be BIG. He already has a nickname, Jimmy Neutron. I wonder why they give him that nickname. Maybe his hair is similar with the cartoon character. I shall see what he looks like. I'm now waiting for someone to MMS his photo. I'm excited.

Wondering if he looks like this. Haha~


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h.a.f.i.z said...

pan, leh ler join family katoon kmi.. officially, we call you Jimmy~ hi, sy hagemaru, nnti sy kenalkan sin chan dn sizuka~

Fanzi Ruji said...

hafiz: buleh la kot. hehehehe.