Thursday, December 15, 2011

In Love

I could not believe I could fall so deeply in love with you. Loving you is beautiful. I will love you for eternity. Dear God, please let us be together in your heaven.
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Push Pen Anxiety

Push pen anxiety: A psychological state characterized by one's excessive push-in push-out of his or her retractable pen due to stress or boredom.


*click click* *click click*

That kid at the back of the class has a serious case of push pen anxiety.

Source: Urban Dictionary

P/S: Surprisingly, this often happens in the teachers lounge. Apparently, teachers are so free nowadays.

This Is Why Friends Are Important

Photo: Google

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Now What?

I gave you the thing
Now what?

You want more?
Saya sumbat kertas-kertas ini dalam mulut kau!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Something You Should've Known

Something you should've known
We're not as experienced as you
We're amateurs
We're here to learn

Something you should've known
When you expect too much
And get the least
That's where your problem rises

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Ada sebuah kisah seorang stalker. Time si orang ni bercakap di telefon, dia (stalker) ni pun mau dengar juga perbualan tersebut. 

Selepas berbual, si orang ni pun keluar dari bilik dan menuju ke dapur sebab dia haus.

Si stalker ni pula fikir si orang tu masih bertelefon di dalam bilik. Maka dia pun mendekatkan telinganya ke dinding bilik untuk mencuri dengar.

Dalam pada itu, si orang ni keluar dari dapur dan nampak perbuatan si stalker ini. Tapi untuk tidak memalukan si stalker, dia buat bunyi supaya si stalker tu sedar kehadiran dia dan berpura-pura tidak nampak perbuatan si stalker tadi.

Si stalker terkejut beruk lalu pura-pura cover malu.

Si orang itu hanya mampu tersenyum. 

Photo: Littlemansmom

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Ya Allah. Tanpa saya sedari, sudah masuk minggu kedua bulan puasa. Lupa pula mau wish 'selamat berpuasa' kepada semua umat Islam yang berpuasa. Maka dengan itu, saya ambil peluang keemasan ni untuk mengucapkan selamat berpuasa di bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini kepada semua umat Islam walau di mana anda berada. Semoga puasa pada tahun ini lebih baik daripada tahun-tahun lepas.

Now is actually my bedtime. But before I sleep, I feel like sharing something. Do you know what is a 'sumpah-sumpah'? I know the word in English but I forgot the spelling. Yes, I'm talking about a /kemilien/. Again, sorry, I forgot the spelling and I'm too lazy to search for it in the internet. 

Anyway, so, you know that the /kemilien/ changes its colour according to the colour of its environment, right? I am exactly like the /kemilien/. I am able to change my colour too, but not literally lah. I'm talking about the word 'mood'. My mood changes according to my surrounding. For example, just now, I don't know what happened to this fellow, tiba-tiba marah tidak tentu pasal sampaikan saya yang baik-baik happy pun terikut marah. Therefore, to avoid myself from hurting someone else's feeling (because my mouth is a bitch when I am angry), I shut my mouth. But then bila saya diam memanjang, ini pula yang saya dapat.  

"Kenapa kau tidak mau cakap sama saya nih? Kau ingat bagus kah diam-diam macam tu? Apa masalah kau ni? Bikin stress betul lah kau nih?"

Sorry, I exaggerate a bit.

Anyway, I was like, WTF? Is it my problem or yours? I tried so hard not to say anything just to make sure I would not hurt your feeling. Tapi saya pula kena marah balik. What should I do? Kalau saya bising, nanti dia tambah sakit hati. Kalau saya diam pun dia marah. Betul-betul macam peribahasa 'diluah mati ibu, ditelan mati bapa' dan 'keluar mulut singa, masuk pula mulut buaya'. 

Photo: Google

Eh, betulkah peribahasa yang kedua tu?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Tukar Kerjaya

Rasa macam mau tukar kerjaya lah. Saya seorang guru sekarang. Esok mau jadi penyanyi. Lusa mau jadi director. Boleh? Atau buat semua sekaligus lagi bagus? Tidak payah tukar-tukar profession.

Just to inform all of you (readers), baru-baru ni saya ada dengar satu lagu baru nyanyian Dang Mar Ezzah. Dia ni sebenarnya junior saya di IPGM Kampus Gaya. First time dengar lagu ni saya terus jatuh cinta. Segala macam ilham terus mencurah-curah ke ladang gandum bila saya dengar lagu ni. 

Oleh sebab saya sangat suka lagu ni, saya pun meng-offer-kan diri buat MV untuk lagu ni. Dalam kepala saya terfikir saya ni gila atau apa. Camera pun tiada. Macamana mau buat video? Camera phone Nokia E72 tu adalah. Lantaklah. Teruskan saja buat. Hopefully, hasilnya nanti OK.

So, this is the video. Saya tidak mau banyak cakap. Kalau kamu suka, kamu share lah. Kalau tidak suka pun mohon share juga. Sebab lagu ni best. By the way, congratulations to Lucy Gawis and Dang Mar Ezzah for composing this song. It is a lovely song. I really really love it. Nanti buatkan saya satu lagu yang sedap macam ni, boleh? 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm A Killer

I accidentally killed my cat today. I did not know he was under my car.

I'm so sorry Nginging. You'll always be my favourite cat.
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Monday, July 25, 2011

Adaptasi (Luahan Hati Seorang Guru Praktikum)

Mula-mula masuk kerja, excited gila. Datang ke tempat kerja dengan senyuman yang sangat lebar sebab takut dilabel sombong. Minggu pertama ialah minggu orientasi. Sepanjang minggu ni, muka tu kena sentiasa ceria dan bersemangat. Rasa macam pakai botox sebab senyuman maintain lebar setiap hari. Minggu kedua bolehlah buat muka serius ala-ala komited dengan kerja. Tapi sebenarnya masih clueless dengan skop kerja yang sebenar. Masuk minggu ketiga, kerja membuat peta dunia di office bermula dengan rasminya. Rupa-rupanya profesion ini agak relaks sebenarnya (for now).

P/S: Saya masih belajar. Kalau salah tolong tunjukkan.
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

7K Sunset Charity Run Concert

My favourite shot while performing during the 7K Sunset Charity Run Concert at Sutera Harbour Kota Kinabalu.

Photo: Henry Liew

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Lamanya tidak update blog. Currently I'm very busy with practicum. So no time to post a new entry here. Just a quick update, last week I was invited to be one of the performers for 7K Sunset Charity Run organized by Sutera Harbour Resort. It's an annual event. It's a big event. The other performers were Ariez, Malvin (POP), Soulmates, Nubhan AF, Candy AF, Adam AF and VIP. It was really awesome! I sang Sedetik Lebih and Gaia. The crowd were really supportive. I feel so honored to be part of the event. I'll share some pictures soon. Right now I gotta go. My students are waiting for me. Goodbye.
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tekanan Belum Terasa

Today is Thursday. I've been here for 4 days and I'm still very free. I still have nothing to do except gathering information about the school. So all I did was sitting on my chair, playing Angry Birds. Just now, while I was playing games with my friend a.k.a practicum partner, Fairuz, the principal passed by and saw us playing. I thought he was going to scold us but he didn't. He came to us and asked about the phone (Android) that I was using. Thank God.

So far, I feel so relaxed. Tekanan itu belum ada. Tunggu minggu depan baru tau asam garam kehidupan seorang guru.

P/S: Sekarang ni musim sakit. Kebanyakan guru di bilik guru sedang rancak batuk & sedut hingus, including me. How sad.
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Live From SM Sains Sabah

I'm blogging LIVE via my Galaxy Tab from SM Sains Sabah. Because I am so free right now, I decided to spend my time blogging. I met my Form 2 students for the very first time just now. I think they are awesome. They are a bit shy though. Probably because of me. I'm going to take charge of the class starting next week. Hopefully everything will be OK. I hope they will like me.
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sedetik Lebih

Exclusive!!!MySpacePercubaan pertama nyanyi lagu Sedetik Lebih untuk pertandingan. Sila maafkan yang tersumbang. Saya budak baru belajar.MySpace

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Day Masuk IPGM (After 2 Years)

Macam-macam perasaan timbul. Perasaan nervous + takut + excited + bingung + sedih + gembira + gedik semua ada. Pendek kata, tengok saja lah gambar di bawah ni. Sekian, terima kasih.MySpace

Dari kiri: Azmi, Pai, Fara, Fanzi & Ikram
Photo: Ashley

Does this photo reflects all the feelings that I've stated above? No? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Jazz Festival @ Sutera Harbor KK

Last weekend, KK Jazz Festival was held at Sutera Harbor. It was my first time attending this kind of event. What can I say about it? It was amazing. The night after I won the Sugandoi PERTISA, Mdm Lucy and I went to witness the awesomeness of this event. 

There were so many people, mostly Chinese and orang putih and some locals too. The event was 'coloured' by some of the best performers such as Lucky, Z Yan, Juzzie Smith, Benny Lackner Trio, Spice of Tones, APU, Agung Beat, Dayang Noraini etc. Among all the performances, the one that caught my attention was Juzzie Smith's superb performance. Known as a one-man band, he played all the music instruments all by himself. 

What else can I say about him? He's such an amazing harmonica player. He's absobloominglutely fantabulous. 5 shining stars for him.

There, I felt like a rich person because I was surrounded by rich people (They are probably rich, I think, because they look like one). Walaupun saya bukan orang kaya, tapi at least saya experience perasaan berada dalam golongan orang kaya. Harap-harap dapat sikit aura diorang. Insyaallah suatu hari nanti saya akan jadi kaya. Amin.

Yang best tentang festival ni ialah tiada 'pilak' yang buat kacau sebab event ni bukan open event. Untuk masuk ke dalam arena, pengunjung kena beli tiket yang berharga RM60. Saya tidak kisah lah mahal sebab event ni memang ada kelas. 

Kalau ada lagi event macam ni di masa akan datang, I'll definitely go and be part of the awesomeness. Oh, have I told you that the event was hosted by Serena C? She was just behind me during the Lucky Draw session. She's so pretty.

This is a short video recording while APU is performing. It was really happening. Most of the guests stood up and dance together with the music at the end of the performance. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sugandoi PERTISA: Terima Kasih

Sekianlah sambutan Kaamatan PERTISA 2011. Finally! Percubaan saya tahun ni berhasil. Last year saya cuma dapat nombor 3. Kali ni juara Sugandoi PERTISA pula. Alhamdulillah. Rezeki saya menang tahun ni. Frankly speaking, I really did not expect that I would win sebab saya nyanyi ada terkucil sana sini. Tambahan pula para pengadil untuk pertandingan ni memang otai-otai muzik. Saya sudah pasrah + redha dapat saguhati saja. Shockingly, I won! Kira ini rezeki saya lah. Saya percaya pada rezeki. Alhamdulillah. To all the other contestants, you guys are extremely awesome! Keep on singing.

Dari kiri: Effarina (2nd runner up), Fanzi (Winner) & Phauline (1st runner up)
Photo: Mahapson

Untuk pertandingan Sugandoi, target saya yang belum tercapai ialah menang Sugandoi peringkat negeri di KDCA. Insyaallah tahun depan saya join. Kalau ada rezeki, menang lah. Kalau tiada, it's OK. Cuba lagi tahun berikutnya. 

Anyway, esok pendaftaran masuk di IPGM Kampus Gaya. Setelah 2 tahun study di UiTM, akhirnya kami balik semula ke IPGM Gaya. Saya nervous + excited mau jumpa kami punya lecturers. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shooting MV

Fuh! Penatnya. Semalam saya shooting MV untuk lagu Duo Tupus Sumiliu Iso. Pukul 11 malam baru siap. I always thought shooting a video clip was easy. It's not. Anyway, I've done it.MySpaceMudah-mudahan MV tu OK lah. Sedikit sebanyak pasal video tu, saya jadi budak nerd yang suka kepada sorang wanita bertudung yang comel tapi malu untuk mengatakannya. Kepada semua, silalah jangan tengok video itu nanti sebab ia sangat memalukan saya. Kidding.MySpace 

One more thing, I got my result and thank God it's OK. Now I can happily proceed with my practicum and AE.MySpaceWish me luck. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

1One Aprilz

Beberapa hari lepas saya gi Kota Belud untuk buat recording lagu baru untuk kumpulan 1One Aprilz. Bagi yang belum tau, 1One Aprilz ni ialah singing group baru yang dianggotai oleh 4 orang iaitu Gregz, Timz, Apiz dan saya, Fanzi. Klik sini untuk ke page 1One Aprilz. Kalau sudi, silalah 'Like'. Supportlah bah kami. MySpace

Individu yang bertanggungjawab atas penubuhan group ini ialah tidak lain dan tidak bukan Mr Gregz. Dialah yang bertungkus-lumus contact kami semua & invite kami join group ni. So thank you Mr Gregz.

Last but not least, layanlah dulu demo lagu baru kumpulan 1One Aprilz yang bertajuk Oupus Oku Om Lumangad. It means, I love and I miss you. The completed version akan siap tidak lama lagi. To all Sabahan local music fans, wait for us!MySpace

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dua Orang Hero Telah Lahir Ke Dunia

Di kesempatan ini saya dengan sukacitanya ingin mengalu-alukan kedatangan dua orang ahli baru dalam keluarga kami. Waktu diorang lahir, saya tidak dapat tengok sebab pada ketika itu, saya masih berada di Shah Alam. So, saya balik kampung beberapa hari lepas untuk tengok, for the very first time, anak-anak buah jambu saya yang baru. Mereka berdua sangat comel.MySpace Seorang kurus manakala seorang lagi tembam. Yang kurus bernama Khairil atau lebih dikenali sebagai Airil. Yang tembam pula bernama Najmi atau lebih dikenali sebagai Jimmy. Waktu masih baby memanglah comel. Kita tengok nanti bila diorang sudah besar, confirm comot.MySpace 

Memperkenalkan, dua orang hero baru, Airil & Jimmy.MySpace

In the photo: Khairil @ Airil

In the photo: Najmi @ Jimmy
P/S: I want my own children too. Wondering what they would look like?


Minta maaflah. Entry kali ni sangat singkat. Saya bosan. Mana kawan-kawan saya ni? Jom lah datang KK. Kita tengok wayang. Saya teringin mau tengok X-Men, Super 8 dan sebagainya.

Photo: Ifimbored
It's so obvious that I have nothing better to do now. Blog saya pun terbiar. Kesian.

FYI, I'm a boy. Do not be puzzled by the pic.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tadau Kaamatan: The Controversial Winner - UN Penampang

First of all, I have nothing against UN Penampang. I put that title only to grab your (UN fans) attention. Sorry for that. Still, the result was indeed controversial. So many people disagree with the result. They said that the result was uncalled for. They said she (UN Penampang) should not win because she messed up during the Q&A session. However, I believe in what we call as 'fortune'. She won because she could win. Period. Although it's sad that my favourite contestant - UN Ranau didn't win but I'm thankful that she was placed in the top 4. Congratulations! She's my favourite because she's really pretty and smart too.

My favourite contestant
UN Ranau - Sophie Angela Kutam
Photo: GOGDS Photography

For those who didn't get my story, I was actually reflecting back on the Unduk Ngadau competition. It's a culturally-based beauty pageant that is held every year during the Tadau Kaamatan Festival or Harvest Festival on the 31st of May. The Unduk Ngadau (UN) is the highlight of the festival.

The Kaamatan has just ended few hours ago. I hope I'll live long enough to witness the wonderful colours of Kadazan Dusun Murut culture next year.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Funny Comics

Funny comics I took from my one of my favourite sites.

Source: Explosm

Source: Explosm

Source: Explosm

Source: Explosm

These are only several of them. There are actually many more.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lelaki Cantik

Alkisah seorang lelaki yang diragui kelelakiannya kerana wajahnya yang amat cantik mengalahkan perempuan. Nama lelaki ini ialah Andrej Pejic. Dia seorang model yang kira terkenal jugalah disebabkan ke-androgyny-annya. 

Kalau tengok luarannya, dia memang nampak macam perempuan. Realitinya, di dalam dia lelaki. Nasihat untuk abang-abang yang kaki usha perempuan hot + kaki panjang, kalau nampak perempuan hot di mana-mana, jangan terus usha. Check dulu. Kalau tidak check menyesal nanti. Manalah tau rupa-rupanya jantan. 

Source: Weneedanewman

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Have A Question?

Kenapa manusia kadang-kadang selalu suka merumitkan keadaan? 

Benda tu remeh saja sebenarnya (kalau difikir secara logik) tapi dirumitkan sampai jadi benda yang bikin pusing kepala. Contohnya macam ni; bayangkan Encik X pakai baju masuk dari kaki sedangkan proses pakai baju tu akan jadi jauh lebih senang kalau pakai masuk dari kepala. Saya rasa mungkin sebab tu lah spesis manusia maju berbanding spesis-spesis yang lain. Binatang-binatang lain mana larat mau berfikir. Apatah lagi merumitkan keadaan. Minda binatang cukup simple. That's why diorang tidak pakai baju.MySpace

Source: XKCD
Saya merungut ni bukan apa. Saya cuma hairan. Hidup ni singkat. Saya tidak mampu la layan benda-benda yang bikin pusing kepala ni. I just wanna smile like nobody's business. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tolonglah Tukang Buli

Bila tengok balik video budak sekolah kena buli tu, saya rasa sedih. Kenapa orang suka membuli? Apa diorang dapat daripada perbuatan tu? Kepuasan?

Puaskah hati kamu kalau mangsa buli tu adik / kakak / abang atau kamu sendiri?

Sebagai bekas mangsa buli (waktu saya Form 1 dulu) dan juga bakal guru, saya memohon kepada orang-orang yang suka membuli supaya menghentikan perbuatan terkutuk itu. Tolong faham perasaan mangsa. Do you want those bad things to happen to you and then only you realize how much it hurts? Berhentilah buat jahat sama orang lain sebelum kamu pula yang kena. Remember, karma is a bitch.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

When I Thought I Was Taking A Picture

When I thought that I was taking a picture, I was actually recording myself without realizing it. It's kinda embarrassing watching myself trying to look cute good while taking pictures. In this video, you can see the 'process' of me taking pictures. Thanks to me, it was recorded ... accidentally. I smiled at the end because I was embarrassed. 

P/S: Lain kali pastikan camera anda BUKAN dalam mode video sebelum ambik gambar.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vampire's Flaw

Apart from not being able to stay under the sun, vampire has one more flaw.

Source: Damnlol

Make sense, right?

Friday, May 20, 2011

53 Seconds of Boredom

I had no idea that this was recorded.

I lied.MySpace

I knew it was recorded.

I had to edit the video and put the subtitles because the sound in the original video sucked; it couldn't be heard at all.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Winner of ANTM Cycle 16 is ... HOT!

Source: The CW
Finally, the show has finally come to its end ... for this cycle. So, the winner for ANTM Cycle 16 is Brittani Kline. I think she's awesome. I like her.

"Doesn't matter where you're from or how you're raised or what you have to go through, you can do whatever you want if you just put your mind into it. I was really close to giving up. Don't ever do that because whenever you're about to give up, something great really really happens."

Brittani Kline [ANTM Cycle 16 Winner]

70 KG?

My friends and I went to Ole Ole Complex, Shah Alam Section 17 just now. After finished eating, we walked around the complex and found a weight scale. Curious about our weight, we decided to try. 

The result?

My current weight is 70 kg. I was like "Whhhhuuut?" Last time I checked it was 60 kg. Meaning, I gained 10 kg. 

Source: Paintingfingers
No! No! This can't be. Saya rasa penimbang tu rosaklah. Mustahil berat saya 70 kg. Saya tidak makan banyak pun. Memang penimbang tu yang rosak. Berat saya OK lagi. Hmm. No need to worry lah. Smileeee. 

I'm in denial. Argh!

Awkward Moments

My awkward moments:

  1. I was walking by the side of the street near the KK court when someone (a stranger) passed by and said "Hi Fanzi!" and left hurriedly. I was like ... whuuut?
  2. I was in a train to KL Central and it was terribly packed with passengers. I couldn't even move my hands. And in front of me was a guy. His face was an inch away from mine. It's like we could kiss anytime. You know how awkward that moment was. Such a traumatic experience.
  3. A saleswoman came into my house the other day and acted like she knew me very well. The first question she asked me was "Are you Indian?" I showed her a blank face. And she asked again "Are you Chinese?" I said no. She asked again "Are you Malay?" I said no. And she suddenly said "OK. OK. Jangan marah." Dalam hati saya bertanya "Bila masa pula saya marah?"
  4. I tried to make jokes to an acquaintance but he didn't get the jokes. I guess that was partly my fault because I suck at making jokes. In the end, I laughed alone. Awkward.
Source: Explosm

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Internet World Map

Finally, I got little time to waste on my blog. 
Cuba bayangkan kalau internet adalah sebuah dunia.MySpace

Source: XKCD

Source: Flowtown

Cool kan?
Tahniah warga Facebook.MySpace

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sepetang Bersama Pai


Tadi saya rasa agak bosan. So, kami pun buatlah photo shoot yang tidak seberapa di rumah. Photographer untuk photo shoot yang tidak seberapa ini ialah Pai.MySpace

Anyway, inilah hasilnya.

Gambar-gambar yang blur tu memang disengajakan (konon).MySpaceAnyway, thank you Pai sebab sudi shoot saya. Best kan shoot saya? Sebab saya seorang model yang mantap.MySpaceSebenarnya ada beratus-ratus lagi gambar yang diambil tadi tapi cuma 7 keping gambar ni saja yang layak di-showcase. That shows how bad I am at taking photos. I suck at posing.MySpace 

Okay. That's it. See you next time.