Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Have you ever heard of the Myers-Briggs Preference Questionnaire?



Not sure?

It's actually a set of questions designed to help us see who we really are. Do you believe in this kind of thing? Well, it is all up to you to believe or not. But it's always fun to find out who you really are, isn't it?

So, Madam H (my lecturer) gave me the questionnaire and I took the test.

Based on my answers, it has been decided that I am a Dominant Introverted Feeling type of person.

According to Myers and Briggs, this type of people are: 

Usually gentle and kind, intense and passionate about their values and deeply held beliefs, which they share with trusted friends. Because of their discreet manner, their enthusiasm may not be apparent. They are sensitive to others' pain, restlessness or general discomfort and strive to find happiness, balance and wholeness for themselves in order to help others find joy, satisfaction and plenitude. 
They live in an intently personal fashion, acting on the belief that each person is unique and that social norms are to be respected only if they do not hinder personal development or expression. They strive to adhere to their own high personal moral standards and are particularly sensitive to inconsistencies in their environment between what is being said and what is being done. Empty promises of adhering to something they value - such environmental causes or human rights - set off an inner alarm and they may transform themselves into modern day Joan of Arcs. 
They are quietly persistent in raising awareness of cherished causes and often fight for the underdog in quiet or not-so-quiet ways. In a team, they will raise issues of integrity, authenticity and good or bad, and may to opt out if the team refuses to address the questions raised. They are usually tolerant and open-minded, insightful, flexible and understanding. They live for the understanding of others and feel deeply grateful when someone takes the time to get to know them personally. They have good listening skills, are genuinely concerned, insightful, and usually avid readers. At their best, they inspire others to be themselves.

So, what do you think? This next question is dedicated to my friends and family. Do you think the description represents me well? 

Frankly speaking, most of the things (not all) mentioned up there describe exactly who I am. Except off course the 'avid reader' part. I don't like reading at all. I prefer to listen and watch.

So you see, I'm a good person inside. Outside, you'll definitely see me looking like a murderer or a beggar. The latter is better I guess. 

P/S: It's always nice to find out good things about ourselves. It makes us realize that we are just human beings. Not a devil or an angel.

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