Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm Officially A Blog Layout Maker (Yang Cikai-cikai Saja).

I just finished making a new layout for Fara's blog. Other than hers, I also have made a new layout for our group's blog - C[V] Crew. I don't know why I did it. Maybe I was bored or maybe I was being ridiculously diligent. Nonetheless, I'm proud of my work, although it's just 'cikai-cikai'.

Here they are. Click on the pictures to go directly to the respective blog.

1st: C[V]'s blog

2nd: Fara's blog

Like I said, layout tu cikai-cikai saja. But again, I'd like to say I'm proud of it because I created it. Saya ni berbakat juga sebenarnya. Tapi bakat tu perlu kena polish lagi. It's OK. Practice makes perfect. I guess I need to make more blog layouts after this.

Is Jackie Chan Dead?

Everyone in Facebook started to post statuses, asking if Jackie Chan is dead. Like seriously? If he is really dead, the news must be all over the media by now. Now tell me, is he really dead? Please don't die yet Mr Jackie.

That's just a rumour, right? I mean, come on!  He's Jackie Chan. He always survived until the end of every movies that he starred in.

People, he's NOT dead. He's alive and kickin! [CLICK]

Photos: Google

New Blog Header, Again.

Yes, I changed my blog header, again. Why? Because I was bored. So, how do you like my new header? Kamu suka? Tidak? Cumil kah? Haha. Anyway, my best friend, Pai, told me that it looks nice but very childish though. Haha. What to do lah. Walaupun saya sudah tua tapi hati masih muda. Aiyo, ayat 'cannot go' betul. Haha.

P/S: Saya perasan saya kuat ketawa. Haha. 

Photo: Google

Monday, March 28, 2011

Akademi Fantasia 9 - Top 12

Ini dia para peserta top 12 Akademi Fantasia 9. Congrats to those who have made it. All the best and good luck.

Photos: www.astro.com.my/akademi fantasia

To know more about the contestants, go to the ASTRO's website [CLICK].

I haven't picked my favourite yet. Probably, I wouldn't be able to even watch the show. I hope AF9 will bring in more elements of surprise in terms of the talents and the production. 

MENTOR 5: Konsert 2 Kumpulan A

Again, last night, I went to MBSA to watch MENTOR. The main reason I wanted to watch the show live again this time, was definitely because of Salma. She performed together with Ayish. I'm not gonna make a review of the concert because I think the reviews are easily searchable in the net. Just google it. However, to make your googling job easier, I'd like to suggest to you guys, to go [HERE] to read Adi Luqman's review of the last night's concert. I like his comments. Just so you know, he knows a lot about music because he himself, is a composer and a songwriter. My point is, you can trust his reviews.

No review means more pictures. So here are the pictures. Enjoy.

 Persembahan Ayish (Protege Noh)

Persembahan Shiha (Protege Sharifah Aini)

Persembahan Ratnah (Protege Afdlin)

The best part of the night was hanging out with Salma. After the show, Pai and I 'kidnapped' her and went to a nearby restaurant to eat. Kami sembang-sembang lama sebelum 'penjaga' Salma datang bawa dia pulang. She's so damn funny. I tell you her secrets. She can twist her tongue 180 degrees and also make one of her eyes go 'juling'. It's amazing but weird and funny at the same time. Pai had a great time laughing at her.

Pewwit! With Ziana Zain (Male version) y'all!

Candid photos with Salma.

Mickey Mouse handbag? Not mine. It's Salma's.

Modeling time. You are allowed to puke now. Hehe.

She said she likes this picture. Yeay!


With Mizz Nina again. She's so nice.


I asked them to say "Huuu" while taking this picture.

I got to do it too. Haha!

Sesi makan tengah malam bersama Salma di Restoran Syed, Plaza Alam Sentral.

Look at Salma's eyes. Dia pandai buat mata 'juling sebelah'. So funny.

Overall, I had a great time last night. There's no MENTOR concert next week. When can we hang out again?