Monday, February 21, 2011

Journal 1: Advices

I am very thankful to have such good parents. They taught me so many wonderful things about life. I still remember the moments when my father was still around. He passed away 5 years ago when I was 16 years old. The only parent I have right now is my mother. 

My father was a teacher. He encouraged me to be a teacher because he said teaching is a noble occupation. When I was small, he used to tell me a story. It was his story actually. He told me that he was once a very poor boy who was always bullied by other kids. His parents died when he was still very small and he had to live with another family. He grew up eating tapioca because he could not afford rice. 

He wanted to go to school but it was not as easy as he thought. His stepparents did not want him to go to school. He really wanted to go to school and the only way he could do that was by ducking out from his stepparents. In the school, he had to stand outside the classroom as the teacher would not allow him to enter. The headmaster took him into the class and allowed him to study with the rest of the students. 

He managed to do well in his study without his stepparents’ consent. He passed the exam and was offered to further his study in Maktab Perguruan Gaya which is now known as Institut Perguruan Guru Malaysia Kampus Gaya, which coincidentally is where I’m studying. 

After telling me his story, he would tell me that education is very important for our family as it is the only way we can survive and get a better life. He advised me to work hard and keep studying for the rest of my life. He reminded me that there is no gain without pain. 

When I think about it now, I always end up asking myself how he managed to go through all that challenges alone. I’m a university student and will eventually be a teacher, just like him. The story of his life and his advices will always be my strength in pursuing a better life in the future. Thanks father.

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