Saturday, November 15, 2014

I Am A Cat Person

As you might have noticed, I frequently post pics of my cats on my Instagram. Currently, I have two cats. The first one is Lupita. She was born a day after this year's Academy Awards. I named her Lupita as a tribute to my newest favourite actress, Lupita Nyongo who happened to win the Oscar for Best Actress, this year. My second cat is still a kitten, I still can't figure out the gender yet but for now, let's just assume that the kitten is a he. His name is Karo which pragmatically means treasure. He is goldish yellow in colour and loves to wiggle his tail, like a puppy. I can tell that Karo is a super playful cat. On the other hand, Lupita is very unfriendly. She doesn't like humans, including me and the other people in the house. She doesn't mix with other cats as well. She is a loner. Weird but true. But they are my cats and I love them. I wish I can post their pics here but I've already posted pics of them on my Instagram so it's better to just visit my Instagram, don't you think?

My IG ID is fanziruji. If you want to follow, you are most welcome.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Blogging On The Go

I've just installed the Blogger app in my phone. So, now I can post entries on my blog anytime and anywhere. Now that's convenient!

Initially I wanted to delete this blog but there are so many things I shared that make me feel great when I read them back. I really feel like me again when I read the older posts. I forgot who I was and I feel like I've changed so much after reading the old ones.

This blog is a treasure that is worth keeping.