Friday, January 14, 2011

What happened in 2010?

Yea, what happened in 2010?

There were not so many things happened to me in 2010.


  • I finished my part 5 (not successfully but OK la).
  • I went back to Sabah for the holidays. Yeah!
  • Spent so little time with my mother. Kinda sad.
  • Did quite a number of shows. Ada la KA-CHING masuk sikit-sikit.
  • I bought my VERY OWN FIRST CAR. This would be the HIGHLIGHT of the year 2010. Well it's not an expensive one. Just a simple and nice car - Hyundai i-10. 

  • Met so many people e.g radio DJs, super-talented singers etc etc.
A lady who does it all - Mdm Lucy Gawis

The lady's name is Salma. She has the voice of Charice Pempengco. Really talented!
And the gentleman is the famous Felix Agus.

That's me on the banner. This was during the KKFM new year countdown at Tanjung Aru. It was AWESOME!
  • Last but not least, I won a free iPod as a consolation prize for this particular singing competition that I joined but unfortunately I didn't win. Still, I got free iPod. Who wanna give you that for free? 

And also...

I was selected to be one of the contestants of the RTM reality TV show - Satu Satunya but I decided not to go because I want to focus on my study. It's sad but I know it's the right decision.

Satu Satunya audition with Azwan Ali. Amboi amboi amboi!

Well, that's it I guess. What do you think? 

P/S: Yesterday TV3 called me to go for the MENTOR audition because they've seen my video but I'm not sure I could / want to go or not. [Sigh]

Yours sincerely,


Eric Constantine said...


The time will come for you. The biggest opportunity will knock ur door anytime from now, nonetheless, get ur degree done first. Ana Raffali, who was once my classmate, has similar dream like urs too, she knew that she had to complete her study first, which she did. So, stay focus on ur study first and get it done first kio. Thereafter, chase ur dream. aishey. all the best kio.

Fanzi Ruji said...

really? waaaa. ya, i shud finish my study first. tq senior eric. =)

Aly89 said...

Huh? You bought a car???

Fanzi Ruji said...

ash, yeaa. kenape? x pecaye ke? huhu.