Friday, January 21, 2011

The 2011 Miss Malaysia Universe Top 10 Nominees.

Woah, this time it's DIFFERENT. Why?

Well, because they asked the FANS to nominate the potential candidates and let the FANS decide who is going to compete for the title. Interesting.

Please take note that I'm not sure whether this whole Miss Malaysia Universe thing is TRUE or NOT. If it's true then it's GOOD but if it's not, then consider this entry as something that the guys will love to look at, perhaps. 

10 finalists have already been selected and I tell you, they are HOT. And to make it more EXCITING, most of the candidates used to be the winner of whatever modelling competitions out there and also the previous queen of beauty pageant. I hope this is REAL, not just rumors but who cares anyway, it's just a beauty pageant. No offense to the fans.

So here are the 10 potential Miss Malaysia Universe for 2011. 

Patricia Sue Lin Knudsen

Kelly Jagan

Thanuja Ananthan

Mourhna Reddy

Cassandra Patrick

Gail Marianne James

Jennifer Pederson

Sarah Yap

Stefanie Chua

And the last one, I think she is the fairest of all. She has the potential. Just informing, she was Miss Malaysia World 2007 and landed on the top 16 spot in the Miss World 2007. How awesome is that! And she's competing again. Well, two words for you Deborah, if you are really going to compete again, then GOOD LUCK!

So, who do you like? Haha~ You can ignore the question. It's not like it's important anyway.
Have a nice day ya'll.

Photos are from Google.

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mr. whimsical said...

sa mao vote c CASS la.hiks!

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patric sgt2 cantik!

zizidiazora said...

Hahaha....rambang mata, pilih semua boley???