Saturday, January 29, 2011

What friendship in Facebook means?

Hello semua.

Macam-macam lah perangai orang dalam Facebook nih. Some of them really are good people with good intention. Some other are just weird. First, they strike a conversation with you and say nice things like "You're cute" etc etc. And after that, they start to ask for your phone no. Some of them I give lah but some others saya tia bagi because of several reasons.

This is one of the examples.

Tengok tu. Bila saya tia bagi phone no, trus blah. What's that supposed to mean? Berkawan biarlah ikhlas. Saya tia bagi no phone bukan bermaksud saya tia mo kawan. It's just that we have not reached the point where it is necessary to have our phone no exchanged. Cukuplah chat dalam Facebook saja. One day, bila sudah kenal rapat through Facebook, baru lah exchange phone no. Kan bagus kalau begitu. Hehe~ Bukan mo sombong, cuma berfikiran logik.

P/S: Saya minta maaf kalau ada yang tidak suka. I'm just letting out what I feel. 

Yours sincerely,

*tia = tidak
*mo = mau


zizidiazora said...

Adakah ini mengambil kesempatan namanye?????

syam said...

ko delete ja wallpost dia. haha. buang masa ko ja :P