Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Luahan hati.

Ni la muka-muka pelajar universiti. Ada yang excited, sangat happy, gembira, pura-pura gembira, sedih, pura-pura sedih, bingung, marah, menyampah, meluat etc etc.

Sebelum sy membebel, terlebih dahulu sy mintak maaf lah kalo ada terkasar bahasa sikit. Actually sy ni stress sekarang. Stress pasal apa? Pasal apa lagi kalo bukan pasal study.

Honestly speaking, I'm bored of studying. I know that learning is a life-long process. Yes, I do like learning new things but what I don't like is going to a class and sit there for like 2 to 3 hours listening to a lecture. Kalo lecturer tu membosankan tambah-tambah lah kesengsaraan di dalam bilik kuliah tu.

I feel like doing something else other than studying (studying as in going to class and so on and so forth), and become rich because of it. There are some things in life that don't necessarily require us to have an intelligent brain for example modelling, singing etc etc. You depend on your natural talent and the qualities that you inherit from your mom and dad.

In other country, contohnya di U.S, you can become extremely rich regardless whether you have a degree or not. You know why? Because apart from focusing on academic and by that I mean, studying in a class listening to some lectures, they also put very high emphasis on the students' other skills or talents. That's why la we have those rich celebs yang hidup kaya raya mengalahkan orang-orang yang ada kelulusan akademik yang tinggi. A very good example is Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder. He didn't even finish his study in the university. Tapi pendapatan berbilion-bilion. Why? Sebab dia ada skills. Tida payah pun dia hadir kuliah setiap hari. Duduk diam di rumah cipta Facebook trus buleh kaya. But that off course depends on your luck lah. Kalo ada tuah, maka beruntung la dia. Kalo teda, what to do lah. Kena cari jalan lain lagi la nampaknya.

In Malaysia susah sikit la. If you wanna be rich, you have to work hard which means you have to study hard and smart and the good news is, that's not just it. After you've shed all you sweats studying for 23 to 24 years starting from kindergarten, you need to double up your efforts in order to get a good job and earn more. 

Sorry if I complained too much. It's just that I'm so stressed out after thinking so hard about Shakespeare's Sonnet 27. Literature always gives me a BIG headache. I think I need a vacation. Need to get away from this academic world for a moment. 

Maybe it's unfair to compare our country with the U.S. Sebagai anak Malaysia, sy rasa sangat beruntung dan bertuah sebab kalo kita mau compare Malaysia dengan kebanyakan negara-negara lain lagi di dunia ni, negara kita kira masih sebuah negara yang AWESOME. Peace ya'll. Wah, jalan crita yang agak ganjil disini yah. Mula-mula sy cakap pasal stress and then tiba-tiba masuk topik semangat patriotik pulak. Haha~

Maka dengan itu ada eloknya kita mem-patriotik-kan diri kita dengan mendengar lagu yang dicipta khas oleh Puan Lucy Gawis dan dinyanyikan secara eksklusifnya oleh Fanzi Ruji iaitu sy sendiri. Enjoy~

P/S: I love this patriotic song. FYI, this song had actually been studio-recorded. Dalam video tu sy just miming ya. Huhu~

Yours truly,


syam said...

I think you need Kumar's motivation more than I do.
it totally shifts your perspective on certain things like this :)
btw, talk about mark, his case is rare and one out of Gazillion.
This semester started with a pre-existing mindset that it is a killer and stressful one. So bear in mind, whatever that you think will definitely affect on how you feel about it.
I can comprehend the reason why you dwell upon it but life ain't no bowl of cherries :)

Tilt your head up and be happy!

Fanzi Ruji said...

thnks mimi. btw, who is kumar?

mr.syazwan said...


jgn jadi raja miming sudah la nnt ye

apa2 pun




syam said...

Kumar is a motivator for power seminar that we attended during Digi Done Right Camp. haha

Azeanthy NLizam said...

urmmm....nice confession cuzz...
learning is a long life process which is may burden us sometime..hehe..but i thought,you have enough talent that leads you to the success..e.g in singing field..u done it i just thought there are no ways for you to be success there..sure.=)
just find the motivation books by ANNEJONES 'the power of you'..sure u'll like it=)

Azeanthy NLizam said...

i means there are no ways for you to not to be success there cuzz...wrong type tadi.jgn salah sangka..haha..