Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today's Not A Good Day

I made her cry today.
When she cried, you gave me the look.
As if I was the one entirely at fault.
  • Was it my fault?
  • Was it my fault for being the 'submittor' of the damn thing?
  • Was it my fault for submitting the damn thing before she could hand hers to me?
  • Was it my fault for not waiting?
  • Was it my fault that I made her cry?
  • Was I being ignorant?
  • Was it my fault for keeping my mouth shut when she cried?
  • Was it my fault for all that happened just now?

This is how I look at it.
  • I was unwillingly chosen to be the one who's going to submit the damn thing.
  • I DO NOT like keeping other people's work. I think I've made the right choice by submitting the damn thing a.s.a.p.
  • Why didn't she print her work earlier? 
  • She could always submit it herself.
  • I was just telling her what I felt.
  • I have my issues too. Do you understand my situation? Or are you also being ignorant?
  • I blurt out BAD words when I'm angry. Do you still want me to open my mouth?

So, was it really my fault?
I hate the look. 
Would you give her the look if I was the one who cried?

I made my best friend in the world cry today. 
"I am truly sorry." I wish I could say this to her.
I hate to see her cry. 
I hate that I made her cry.
But I would never blame myself entirely for that.

Today is just not a good day!

Note: Entry ini ditulis ketika penulis sedang marah. Entry ini mungkin mengandungi unsur-unsur ego yang ketara. Sorry for that.


::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

u header nice la....

Saisuki said...

I hv no idea what hv u done panj , but if you did mistake, if u did something wrong with her then u should apologize.

But if not ur fault, then stand by her side to explain but wait to the right moments. U owez can tell her the truth story. Hey dude! be her crying shoulder.(I guess this is ur 1st time seeing girl cry).

Its okay bro, we're human owez do mistake, she also human don't blame to each other. If you felt mad recall back my words before. that make you worth to be bestfriend's to everybody..