Sunday, April 24, 2011


MySpaceIt's time to talk about my experience in Singapore. I guess most of you (yang rajin baca blog ni) knew that I was in Singapore last week with my girl friends (a bunch of girls). The thing is, I seriously don't know what to write. I'm having too many things in my mind ... bercampur aduk ... sampai saya jadi bingung. Anyhow, let me start by saying "I love Singapore!"MySpace

Seriously, I do love the country. It's really clean. The people are mostly very friendly. I love Universal Studio Singapore and most importantly, I love the subway.MySpace

We went there by train. Gosh! It was a painful journey. We had to bear the super cold temperature in the train for more than 8 hours. I was wearing short pants and I didn't bring my blanket or jacket. It was really really cold.MySpaceThe same thing happened when we went back. Thank God I learned my lesson. I bought a long scarf to cover my body so the journey would be less painful for me. 

There, we visited USS. It was awesome. I met so many famous people.MySpaceI met Marylin Monroe, Cleopatra, Shrek, Princess Fiona, some Egyptians and many others. USS is the must visit spot in Singapore. We spent the whole of our first day there. Antara part yang paling best di USS ialah part naik roller coaster yang seram gila.MySpaceMySpaceI screamed all the way which was a bit embarrassing because Mimi, a girl ... a girl ... note the word 'girl' ... who was sitting beside me didn't even scream. Well, it's a freaking roller coaster, not a bus. It's OK to scream. Kan.MySpace

What else? I think that's all. It's time to finish my assignments now.MySpaceIf you wanna read a more detailed and organized description of our short trip to Singapore, please visit Ashley's blog. Click [here] for Part 1 and [here] for Part 2. 

To view more pics, click [here].MySpaceMySpace


akufrazi said...

can't agree more... i actually went thre last year.. but the highest roller coaster still under construction... but the visit were paid off coz the indoor roller coaster-the mummy- kind freaking too.. the excitement after riding it made us buy the photos cost 17 dollar eachhhh... wth!

Amir Rayyan said...

bestnye!!!! bila la dpt pegi...:)

Azeanthy Paiman said...

cuzz,apa makanan popular singapore aa?i have a trip to go there with my friends on next semester,..=)

Fanzi Ruji said...

akufrazi: haha. we didn't buy the photos coz we look damn ugly. haha.

amir rayyan: insyaallah nnt dpt pg jugak tu. =)

azeanthy: makanan popular? hm, x sure la. makanan dia macam sini punya makanan jugak tu. oh ya, disana roti canai diorang panggil roti pratha.

::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

bestnya ko pg SG... wait, ko update ni pagi2 buta? wah gigih

Aly89 said...

Cis...organized ar. Haha =P

I screamed at the very end of the ride (-.-")

Cynta said...

I'm going to USS again this Dec ;-)

dydy midnite said...

at last, the post that i've been waiting form with some lessons to learn if i'm about to take a train to singapore and a must go place over there. Thanks abg fanzi.