Thursday, April 14, 2011



Well, not really sebab masih ada beberapa benda yang perlu di-settle-kan di fakulti. 

But we've officially finished all the classes for this semester. I'm so relieved! Semester ni memang betul-betul mencabar kekentalan mental dan fizikal.

Today's recap: 

Pagi tadi I had a bad argument with my best friend. I made her cry [click]. But now sudah settle. I've apologized to her and I will try my best not to make her cry, ever again. 

My friends and I have successfully (successful as in we managed to finish it) presented our microteaching. We've officially done with all microteachings. Now tengah tarik nafas kegembiraan. Hehe.

Next week I'll be gone to Singapore. I can't wait.

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::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

gambar ko yg pakai jaket coklat tu mcm Justin Bieber