Sunday, April 10, 2011

Review: Konsert Pertama AF9

This is not even a review. This is more of a luahan perasaan rather than a review. 

Konsert pertama AF9 sungguh membosankan. Menghairankan. Setelah seminggu belajar dengan otai-otai di akademi, diorang sepatutnya boleh perform jauh lagi bagus.

What I think about the first concert:

  1. As usual, Aznil berjaya menceriakan suasana.
  2. Kak Ogy terlebih ganas pula bagi kritik. Tapi, siapa suruh budak-budak AF tu buat persembahan macam ____________ (fill in the blank). Hint: Hidup segan, mati tidak mau.
  3. Persembahan terburuk dalam sejarah AF; persembahan Nera. I'm so sorry to all Nera's fans. I'm just voicing out my opinion. I do think she has a unique voice and a great potential, but she needs to really really work hard on her vocal if she wants to go further in this competition. I hope she'll do great next time.
  4. Persembahan Amir mengecewakan. It's pathetic because he really wowed me last week.
  5. Persembahan Erul OK. Not great but not bad. Persembahan dia lebih kurang macam last week juga. He needs to give more to his performance.
  6. Persembahan pelajar-pelajar lain pun macam biasa. Tiada yang outstanding. 

Overall, saya bagi 3 stars out of 10. To read a more proper review of the concert, click [here].

Hopefully next week diorang punya persembahan meletup-letup. Kalau persembahan boring macam minggu ni juga, I might consider to stop watching AF9.


OdydOdif said...

i already done with af after stacy.

::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

stuju.... kalau bkn pasal aznil. maybe sangat la Boring Konsert af tu... saya tgkpun because Aznil... lawak dia best....

♥BelLa Ace♥ said...

Agree..From the audition, i've already figured out that nera have problems. yes, she can sing.. But she really have to learn how to follow the tempo. Big problem there. Uh..And yep..u're right..Her voice too..
Amir also disappoint me..
Pdahal last week he also 'wow!' me..
I've stop watching AF since Stacy won..Hehehe..I only watch videos uploaded in youtube based on people's preference.. ^_^
Salma Mentor is better..