Friday, April 8, 2011

Sekitar Kelas Asian Literature

We had our last class of Asian Literature yesterday. It means, we've done with Asian Literature classes although we still have few un-submitted assignments. But unofficially, we've done with it. I learned a lot from this course, mostly about life and culture. Madam R has done a very awesome job. I'm definitely gonna miss her. I'm actually starting to miss her already. Huhu.

We took some photos in the class. These photos are not mine. I grabbed it from Ashley's album in Facebook. Most of the photos are candid.

 In the picture: [From left] Ejit & Joy

 In the picture: [From left] Dewi, Nisa & Sheila

 In the picture: [From left] Zati & Nisa

Guess who? The 3Fs are in the frame, all looking __________ (Fill in the blank). 
Wondering who are the 3Fs? Fai, Fara & Fanzi lah.

Again, before I end this thing, I'd like to say thank you so so so so much to Madam R for teaching us. Hope to see you again soon.


luxperpetua said...

i admire mdm R for she knows a lot of things! *claps*

and what with the pic..O.o

Fanzi Ruji said...

what pic?

Noor Azeanthy Paiman said...

Asian was done already..congrats cuzz..wish ur luck for upcoming tests or examination=)

Eric Constantine said...

oh my gosh. when i saw the pics.. madam rosalind.initial rxt. really miss her a lot. she taught asian lit to us too... huhu. i miss her crazy jokes...

Fanzi Ruji said...

she's freakin awesome!!

Aly89 said...

The most emotional course we ever had, but all her advices are so true :)