Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fanzi Ruji Is Arrogant?

MySpaceI'd like to blog about what happened after the DiGi WWWOW Awards press conference. One of the good things about attending events is that we could meet other people and probably become friends, like what happened to me in that particular event. 

So, I met this guy. His name is Dydy. He came with his friend, Rayyan, which I've already met. Dydy is my junior at UiTM. He's taking TESL too. I actually often see him at the faculty but I've never talked to him. He's a nice guy. He talks a lot, like me. 

The best part of the conversation was when he told me that he thought I was arrogant. I was like ... really?MySpaceDo I look arrogant? I don't think so. Maybe that was just the way I look in the faculty probably because I had so many things to be done and therefore I got tired and it affected the way I express myself. Well, anyway, thanks Dydy for telling me all that. It's really interesting to know what other people think about us when they first see us.

MySpaceBy the way, he has a blog. He even blogged about me [here]. Thank you for wasting your time talking about me in your blog. I feel honored. Dear readers, do check out his blog [here].

Enough talking. More pics.


DanieL AdiE said...

Fanzi x sombongla..

::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

nice picture

Fanzi Ruji said...

Adie: Hehehe. Kan. =P

Faiz: Thank you.

Azeanthy Paiman said...

fanzi is not arrogant la.he is friendly=)