Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tsunami Strucked Japan: Too Busy To Care?

Kita semua tau tentang musibah yang melanda negara Jepun. I could never imagine myself being in that situation - haunted by earthquakes and tsunamis. Looking at all the videos and photos of the tragedy, reminds me of how small and powerless we are and that our world can be taken away from us just like that - gone in a single second.

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Photo: Google

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However, yang paling menyedihkan saya ialah, there are some of us yang langsung tidak kisah

Ceritanya begini. 

This particular person buat statement yang pada pendapat saya, agak selfish. Orang tu cakap "I care more about this/that than the tsunami in Japan." To make it worse, this particular person posted it in the internet. Why post it in the net? For everyone else to see? To seek attention? Maybe.

I was stunned. Why would this person say that? That was so cruel of you. People are dying in Japan and you dengan selamba cakap "Aku punya itu/ini lebih penting." I'm so sorry that you have a lot of itu/ini to care about tapi janganlah kejam sangat. Dunia ni bukan you seorang saja yang tinggal. What if you were one of the victims of the tsunami? Or your family members were there? Would you still talk about your itu/ini? 

I'm sorry if I'm complaining. My point here is, don't be selfish. If you have opinions or something to say, filter them with your brain first and then say it out loud (in the net or wherever else). Kadang-kadang saya pun terlepas cakap juga tapi mujurlah saya ada kawan-kawan yang sudi menegur. So, kalau ada sesiapa yang terasa pedih di hati selepas baca entry ni (I'm sorry), anggaplah ini sebagai teguran/nasihat yang positif daripada seorang kawan dan bukan untuk menjatuhkan you. 

Lastly, ingatlah, bencana boleh datang bila-bila masa. Equip ourselves with whatever that is necessary before it's too late. Kita ambillah peristiwa tsunami yang berlaku di Jepun tu sebagai satu peringatan. Kita ni cuma makhluk yang lemah. 

Last but not the least, I think, we, Malaysians should be thankful sebab negara kita masih terselamat daripada bencana-bencana besar seperti tsunami etc. Cintailah negara kita. Jangan gaduh-gaduh. Our country is already an environmentally peaceful country. Cuma kita, manusia, yang suka buat huru hara. So stop it. Jom hidup dalam keamanan.


Aly89 said...


Biar la..that person is too engrossed with other things (like him/herself vacationing in another country, lol) than care about some other strangers' lives. That's his/her problems.

Hey, I asked u sth on fb, why didn't u reply??

Fanzi Ruji said...

yes. true ash. that is his/her problem. me complaining, is my problem. right? =P

i replied bah. xkan x baca?

Dict MFG said...

Maybe he/she's too cool to care?

syam said...

ignorant i wud say.
in factm its just dat as much as we feel bad for the japan which i feel deeply sorry and my utmost condolences for the victims.
just a thought to share that all of you may have already known but never seem to be bothered dat - setiap kejadian itu adalah satu peringatan.
its painful to think that the tragedy is perceived as something meaningless.

Aly89 said...

At least you don't complain it to others' ears. We're free to say anything in our blog, right?

P/s: Does he/she read your blog? Or he/she couldn't care less too? lol

Tsaiyuri said...

Most of my friends in Japan was struggling to keep alive but people here ada yg buat joke lagi. Maybe because they have nothing to worry there. but please being human, Malaysia nowadays jugak kena tempias bencana alam..Wise man speaks cz they have smthg to say.Fools,coz they have to say smthg..berbeza..

Regards, tsai

coratcoret said...

Zaman sekarang ni selagi dia tak kena selagi tu dia tak heran.
Pelik kenapa berprinsip macamtu.
Kalau bencana begini pun tak ambil hikmah apalagi kalau orang tegur huhu.