Thursday, March 24, 2011

Candid Photos Of Deborah Henry - Miss Malaysia Universe 2011

I'm having a second thought of whether I should make an entry about this or not because somehow I think this beauty pageant thing is something that guys don't usually blog about. But when I think back, apart from maybe it could help me get more visitors and increase my blog traffic, guys actually love this kinda stuff, kan? I mean, come on. I'm talking about hot girls here. Guys love hot girls. Right? No? Well, you're probably gay if you don't like hot girls. Haha. Kidding. Please don't use that against me. I was just joking. Peace. 

One more thing, I don't usually regard beautiful women as 'hot' girls. Ignore what I've written before (in the previous paragraph). I was just trying to sound more macho. Haha. The truth is, I often avoid myself from using the term 'hot' to describe women because I think that word brings negative connotation of which degrades women's standard. I respect women as much as I respect my mother and sisters.

So, now, back to Miss Deborah Henry. This year, she'll represent Malaysia for the Miss Universe pageant somewhere in Brazil, I think. No doubt, she's beautiful. I wish I had a girlfriend like her. Nasib baik saya sedar, diri ni tidak setampan mana pun, so tidak boleh demand sangat mau dapat girlfriend secantik dia. Haha. Anyway, hopefully she'll make Malaysia and her fans proud.

Here are her photos. Some photos might not be appropriate for some people. Viewer's discretion is strictly advised.

That's it. Cukuplah cuci mata tu. Hehe.


Tsaiyuri said...

Thanx to you that pic really make my eyes 'fresh' time² lepas makan ni..hehe..I prefer gorgeous than 'Hot' to describe a women.. Hot more suit to the bitchy me Deborah and Cassandra mimang sama2 hebat but I mo prefer to Cassandra not bcoz she is my friend but b'coz her pan asian look. tp lain org lain pandangan kn..terpulang pada diri masing² laa..hehe

luxperpetua said...

ok.she's really hot.
dont be a negative thinker.always see things in a positive saying this, i mean hot is really hot~beautiful and beautiful and beautiful.

p/s: i dont mind being a lesb* if she wants me. LOL