Sunday, March 27, 2011


I went 'speechless' when I saw this video.

Video: YouTube

First, I felt sad because they made fun of our cars - Perodua Myvi & Proton Satria Neo. But then, if you check out the description of the video, you'll be more irritated. Why? Check this out.

I'm in dilemma. Should I pity our cars being fooled by the British or should I pity us? This is pathetic.


luxperpetua said...


Dict MFG said...

Actually if you convert the pounds into ringgit it's not so bad.

But it is quite pathetic...the video I mean...and kinda funny.

Fanzi Ruji said...

Pai, still ada beza hampir 20 ribu ba.

Yes, the video is pathetic.

syam said...

keciannya tu chevrolet. cheap and terrible bah kereta kita. urgh pathetic.

Aly89 said...

It's quite shameful to find them laughing at our national cars. But YES, that shows how pathetic we are in the world's eyes. Welcome to reality.

Anyway, I love that show: Top Gear (^_^)

Very rare for me to even watch a show about cars 0_0

Tsaiyuri said...

Can't I say something about that?. Ya, mimang pn bulih kn..sebab our product byk saingan di sana and then about the cost..Hah..cost kerugian tu durang pindah utk pembeli2 kereta di Malaysia..So, kita sendiri yg kena tanggung lebihan cost tu dgn bayaran tinggi.