Thursday, March 3, 2011


I like asking for opinions from other people. It is delighting to watch and see their responses. For example, I asked this question to my friends in class today.

I received quite a lot of responses from my friends. It might be a silly and pointless thing to do, but, it's interesting and fun reading their responses . Like seriously.

So these are some of the responses that my friends gave.

Pai: "I would feel a bit weirded out because that's kind of a fucked up smile. And the lips... OMG." 

Ann: "Wow, that lips alone makes me speechless! I would feel honored to get a smile like that, especially from a stranger. Smiling is a beautiful act after all. But kan, I might make fun about it later, cuz it's a weird smile."  
Ann told me not to tell this to anyone but oops... I did it anyway. Sorry Ann. Hehe.
Mimi: "Maybe that person is hungry. Not really a sincere smile. Smile lapar kali." 

Sofi: "My feeling will be depending to my intimacy with that person. I will be very pleased if I know the person and I know he/she is sincere. If I don't know them, I might smile back to them but surely I will take precaution acts in case something may happen or I did anything wrong."

Hah! Ambik kau. Macam-macam jenis jawapan ada. Jawapan yang bunyinya macam jawapan pelajar cemerlang pun ada. Sebab itulah saya suka tanya diorang soalan-soalan random macam ni. Sebab responses yang diorang bagi tu kadang-kadang unexpected dan buat kita berfikir seperti ____________ . 

For you readers, care to give a response? I'd like to know what you guys think also. It must be really exciting to find out your thoughts about the smile in the picture. Kalau rajin silalah beri komen. Kalau tidak rajin tidak mengapa. Lain kali saya tanya lagi. Hehe.


luxperpetua said...

a smile with hidden agenda, i would say..
scary.whose lips and gaps between the teeth are as black as that?

White Hooder said...

it looks like a smile from that psychopath in "Nightmare in Elm's Street".

Or maybe I am the paranoid one.

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