Sunday, November 29, 2009


Many people have been asking me this question, "Do you have a girlfriend?"

I told them, "Yes I do have many girlfriends".

"You know exactly what I'm talking about. I am talking about a special one".

"Oh, that one. Hm......."

I always become speechless when people ask that question.

Then I said, "No comment".

"I know you have many. Don't even try to deny it. You think I don't know you. I know you very well la bro".

"Owh really? You think you know me. You have no idea".

Once and for all, I wanna make it clear (if those people are reading this), I am single. I don't like commitment. I hate being in a relationship. I wanna be free. I wanna enjoy single life. I'm poor and cannot afford to be in a relationship. I have low self esteem and I suck when talking to girls. I'm a bad lover.

[Hopefully this last paragraph can express the ultimate fed-up state that I am in right now.]

Thank you very much.


Anonymous said...


Dict MFG said...

I know you have many. Don't even try to deny it. You think I don't know you. I know you very well la bro...

P/s: I never call you bro so I think you understand I'm just yanking your chain...just in case you're being your typical slow self...

P/s 2: Just Kidding XD

P/s 3: not really...

P/s 4: hahaha! Just kidding...maybe.

Fanzi said...

The dialogue there is not necessarily between you and me Pai.

P/S: Actually, I don't really understand your comment? Is it about the word 'bro' or about the whole point?

Slow self? It's actually your fault for not explaining the details to me.

Mr NAEmnzr said...

me either.afraid to be in such relationship at this's complicated i would say.

chill fanzi.enjoy ur single life!!

I am Karl said...

i nk jadi lecturer

then kawen dgn student i


Anonymous said...

U suck in talking with girls? Ya meh?
Haha :P

syam said...

just think of 'em some kind of paparazi. mcm lagu lady gaga haha.

rainBow said...

fanzi follow blog aku :P

aku buat baru

Fanzi said...

Naem: yep, exactly. hehe.

Haiqal: ish3. jgn lupa jemput k. hehe.

Ashley: u have no idea. ko jd gf sy dulu lah. haha.

Mimi: hehe. cewah.

Dayah: already. napa ko buat baru ni?

Anonymous said...

then it comes to the core of the question itself. whats the exact motive of asking such a question?

Fanzi said...

Ask the people who love to ask that question.

rainBow said...

sebab aku punya link susa mau uod8 sakit jantung aku tengok hahahha
trus aku p dellete
trus aku menyesal hahaha
trus aku buat baru

Anonymous said...

Huhu...I'm oredi taken...LOL
U're so manja to me, how can u suck in talking with girls? Hehe....

Hmmm...maybe u shud kejar ur cita2 1st...hee~

Fanzi said...

that's just sad Ash. who took you? gonna kick his ass. hahaha.

tell me, do girls like manja and playful boys (like me. ahakz) or serious and masculine boys?


yup, kejar my cita2 first. =)

syam said...

dis comment page is sgt kontroversi..urghh cant stand reading ni 2 ekor punya komen..hahahahaha :p

Anonymous said...

FanZ: Errr...juz be urself la. Y do u want to be some1 ur not? Even if u got a gf but u're not being urself, the r/ship will not work anyway, rite? I believe God create some1 spesel for every1, it's juz a matter of time and whether u'll grab/appreciate da opportunity...
(Nah, b'falSAMPAH sdh...LOL)

Mimi: Dun be jealous ba..u're still my no.1..haha LOL

Dict MFG said...


Sorry. My bad. For "not explaining".

Because the whole "P/s" up there isn't an explanation enough.