Friday, November 20, 2009

Goodnight Wish

You work hard today,
Hoping that you'll have a better life tomorrow.

You laugh today,
Hoping that you'll continue with smile tomorrow.

You cry today,
Hoping that you'll be forgiven tomorrow.

You live today,
Hoping that you'll wake up tomorrow.

Tonight you wonder,
Whether you'll continue breathing or die tomorrow.

Are you scared?
Of thinking what you have done.
Or are you glad?
Of thinking how you've changed your life.

When you go to bed tonight,
Pray to the One you trust,
If you're lucky,
He'll give you more tomorrows,
For those who got 'eliminated',
May peace be upon you all.

Goodnight my dear friends,
We need to rise tomorrow,
Because we are sinners. 

Fanzi Ruji


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oh.this is nice. (: