Saturday, November 28, 2009

Old Folks

You might think this is funny and impossible but it's really happening in real world.

The story goes like this~

There was this old man. He was on his way to town with his son. The son was driving the car for him. On their way to town, they were stopped by police and were asked to pull over. The policeman came and asked the old man. 

"Encik, kenapa tidak pakai tali pinggang keledar?"

The old man pulled his tali pinggang keledar and entwined it on his head and said,
"Macamana mau pakai benda ni? Saya tidak tau".

The policeman shook his head and let them pass.

What happened?
Assuming that the tali pinggang keledar the policeman was talking about is a topi keledar (just because of the word 'keledar'), the old man thought that the tali pinggang keledar should be used on the head as in what people usually do with topi keledar.

Poor old man. I pity this guy. You see, most old folks nowadays are left behind without knowledge about most simple things in the present world. What have their children been doing? They were may be the most knowledgeable people during their time but time has changed. So does its people and life. And it's sad that these old folks couldn't catch up with the present life.



syam said...

we too gonna be old one day. God, save us pls.

Fanzi said...

exactly. dun wanna end up like that old man.