Sunday, November 15, 2009

Serious Blogger

I don't wanna be a blogger, I wanna be a serious blogger. A real blogger like one of my friends, Haiqal [Click here to see his blog]. In order to make it possible, what do I have to do?

01. Have a laptop. Duh~
02. Know how to type. Duh~
03. Have internet connection. Hm, my broadband is sick now.
04. Have internet browser. Duh~
05. Have a Blogger account. Yes, I have.
06. Topics to talk about. Hm, I'll come out with something.
07. Thousands followers. For the time being, I only have, like 8. Poor~
08. Constantly update your blog. Not quite possible because my broadband is dysfunctional.
09. Keep on posting entries. Hm, owkay~
10. Stay 24/7 in front of your lappy and for God's sake just type something. Errrr~

Hm.. I'll see how it goes then. Huhu~


I am Karl said...


juz make sure that u keep ur blog updated at least once in two/three days n dats more than enuf

all d best...

Anonymous said...

Gud luck..
I wanna be one too..:P