Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Blues

Jeng, jeng jeng! *laughing out loud*

I'm kinda happy today. Probably because I'm here at my kampung and Mom's here and the weather is amazing.

It's sunny and windy. I just love it!

I just finished reading my friends' recent posts in their blog. I've read Pai's. Sakit gigi bha dia. I pity you. Don't know what else to say to you. It's not cool when your own body part is causing you so much pain. Right now, my right ear is killing me. I was having trouble sleeping last night. Thank God right now the pain is taking a holiday. Please do not come to work tonight.

I've also read Zuan's.
*laughing out loud* I didn't know you have a hijab-ed girlfriend. How long has it been since I last met you? Wow, you like wholly covered girls now huh? Just kidding. Anyway, I really want to say "Your mom's cool". Oh and yeah, I do agree with Im. Your title is kinda overused. *laugh*

And I also have read some more others. Reading you guys' posts really made my day.

Keep on posting guys. I'd love to read it.

What's my story today? I guess nothing much. Right now I'm upstairs in my sister's room, alone. Just now my sister came in and tried to disturb me. As a result, she was kicked out from the room. I shooed her like she was a dog.
*laughing out loud*

Well, she asked for it. She knew it very well that I don't like to be interupted when I'm focussing on doing something. Yet, she did it. Serve her right! No hard feeling okay Sis. It's all business.


Right now I'm trying to think what to write.

10 minutes had passed and I'm still clueless.

15 minutes.

20 minutes.


Gosh, this isn't taking me anywhere. I guess that's all for now.


Sharinginfoz said...

seronok kan, sabtu. kalau nak seronok lagi datang le sini..

I am Karl said...

wat about mine?


happy eid adha

Anonymous said...

hahaha~ =)
have a great hols fanzi...
planning to go 2 ranau this hols on 9 december... HEE~

t a u f i k said...

aha it's good to know you're having fun. it's the embodiment of your nickname. funzy. it's an adjective!
*laughing outloud*

happy hols funzy~

Fanzi said...

Sharinginfoz: mmg best. especially dkt kmpg. hee.

Karl: i've also read yours. don worry. i'm ur loyal blog reader. =)

Zuan: pg mn?

Taufik: wow, i didn't notice that. hehe. happy hols to u too.


syam said...

u r jz playing with words finding an excuse to make ur post longer. lol. My regards to ur mom..kestau dia..bgs anak dia ni pndai masak :p haha

Anonymous said...

p meminang ko xP~
jln2 jak... x sure....

Fanzi said...

Mimi: damn! u got me. hehehe. ssssh, dorang nda tw sy boleh masak. kalo dorang tau, hbslah sy kena suruh masak setiap hari. =P

Zuan: really? aww, i'll be waiting. pakai baju vogidavas ni nnt. lol. anyway, ko dtg sorang or ramai2?

Mr NAEmnzr said...

at least,u hv written sumting.hmmm...i need moral support to start writing my blog again.
entahla fanzi...kdg2 naem rs mcm dh mls nk berkonsi cerita...