Sunday, November 15, 2009

It Tastes Like Onions

Have I mentioned about our drama production: Bawang Besar Bawang Kecil? NO~

Last 2 weeks, we had our drama presentation. It was required as part of our assignments in Teaching Language Through Drama course. Well, as what you have expected, we rocked the stage (hopefully). The other C5 Crew members did an adaptation of Dayang Senandung. All of us were awesome. Haha~

Thanks to everyone in my team. You guys are awesome, I mean, we are awesome. Hehe~ I don't need to put names here, you guys know who you are, right?

So, pics? Of course I have, but too lazy to upload it here. I have uploaded it in Facebook, so you guys go see the pics in my Facebook la. Hehe~

Here's the link: BBBK Production

Thanks to all of you. I lap you guys. 

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