Friday, December 4, 2009

Fs Vs Fb

I'm not sure when was the last time I checked in my Friendster account. I opened it this morning and


New layout. I thought it was kinda cute with its new green header until I realized that I actually have seen this layout before.


I thought, "Ah, never mind". Then I opened my Facebook and then I noticed that Friendster's new layout looks almost the same. The word CLONE suddenly popped up in my head.

Is it just me or do they really look almost similar?

Let's see and compare.

Friendster versus Facebook




So, they both do look similar, I think. What do you think? We all know that Facebook is like the new girl in town and Friendster is maybe trying to compete to regain its ultimate reputation long time ago before Facebook came into the picture. But can they compete by cloning Facebook? Okay, it's not cloning because they are not exactly similar. But the similarities are obvious. 

I love Friendster. I created my first blog there. I love Facebook as well. It's modern, funky and cool. Oh, I love them both but I gotta admit, Facebook is HOTTER.


Gallivanter said...

Friendster will always attract young teenagers, while we enlightened ones stick with Facebook. Haha! :-)


Anonymous said...

FS is trying to compete with FB la's been a while since I've deleted my FS acc...hee~

Anonymous said...

ya... Friendster is a copycat!!!

Mr NAEmnzr said...

i m hot then cz i hhhv FB.hehe...boleh ckp mcm tu?

bw, i would say, FS was my 1st luv.byk kenangan kt sana

Fanzi said...

Naem: yes you are HOT. haha.

syam said...

me too hv deleted my acc in fs :p
thnx for sharing the info and yes FS is just trying to regain the historical fame of being the most popular social networking online community...but..i dont think its working. lol

I am Karl said...

i dh lupe my password for FS

dh setahun lebih tak bukak