Thursday, November 19, 2009


There are just so many things lingering in my mind right now.

Half a year in Shah Alam was really - what I call - a sweet torture because life was hard but it was fun. I did many things there. I met new friends. But when it comes to lectures, it was like, urgh. Simply put, life after lecture hours was awesome. 

Anyway, I'm in Sabah now, back to my hometown. Hopefully next semester in UiTM will be much more pleasant than what I've been through this semester. Yes, 'much more pleasant' means more shows, more side income and more shopping. Hahahaha~ 

Right now, the only thing that lingers in my cute mind is to 'find money' (cari duit). How? By singing of course. I'll try to contact DBKK for any show that available. If I'm lucky, I'll get an invitation to perform. Amin. 

Also, if I'm really-really lucky, I'll get to record a single this year. It's in the plan but it's not confirmed. We've already discussed with Asmin Mudin (One of Sabahan's best song composers. He wrote Gemilang that is sung by Jaclyn Victor). The song is of course going to be in Dusun and will be re-recorded later in Bahasa Melayu. Oh God, please let this happens for me. Amin. Hehe~ Anyway, all these are still in planning. There are still so many things need to be done so I guess I'll have to wait. If not this year, maybe next year or next next year or 5 years later. I don't care, I'm still gonna wait and work towards it. DETERMINATION baby! DETERMINATION!  

Well, pray for me. =)

My current mission - to get as many invitation to perform as possible and to win as many competition as possible. Strive!


Anonymous said...

Good luck... may all ur wishes come true... =)

syam said...

woah! all the best panj :D

Fanzi said...

thanks.. thanks.. mwah! mwah! hehe~