Wednesday, November 11, 2009



I can't believe I'm on holidays, finally.

I managed to finish my exam last week and now I'm stuck with nothing to do, yeay! I'm not being cynical (sarcasm isn't really my thing), I love holidays, I do. But when it's holiday and you're stuck with nothing (nothing at all) to do, then it sucks. That's the state I'm in right now.

However, I did some interesting things during the holidays. On 06/11/09 - 07/11/09, I was in Kuala Selangor to attend a wedding. It was my friend's brother's wedding. I was there for a purpose. Haiqal requested me to sing for the wedding. Well, it went well I think. I had a superbly great time with Haiqal and the other friends (Naem, Shaz, Faiz, Adi, Danny...... Who else? Sorry If I forgot somebody). We had a blast! The setting was awesome (Gosh, I just love the pelamin, oh yeah, and the cupcakes. Ngee~). Well, I hope that won't be our last meeting. I'm looking forward to meet them again. Again, thanks soooooo much Haiqal (my manager. Ngeee~).

Check this out: Haiqal's blog. Everything about the wedding is there. Oh, and there are my videos too. =)

After the wedding, I went straight to KL. I went to KL from Sungai Buloh terminal and it was a bit scary because nobody was in the train but me. Thank God nothing happened. I would be crying my heart out if something bad happened (e.g train accident) and there was nobody to help.

[The scary empty train]

When I reached KL, my friend was there waiting for me. We went to this small club they call Bambu Waves Sound. I forgot where it's located. Well, my friend Peter was having a competition there (singing competition of course) and he won (of course). Congratulations Peter Anderson. You nailed it!

After all that, I went back to Shah Alam only to find out that my broadband is not working. So here I am, bored to death. Anybody wanna ask me out? Please? Coz I'm dying of boredom here.


syam said...

jum ba tgk wyg bisuk d mid valley. eeeee..

P/s: sy ada kazen sn sg. buloh :p

Fanzi said...

Iya bah.. Jom..

Kasi kenal la kazen ko.. Hehehe~

I am Karl said...


tq dude

sure will meet again next time