Friday, November 20, 2009

Fast Rewind

I never had a clear idea when did I write my first blog. Just now when I checked back my old Friendster account, I found out that I actually have a blog there. I created my Friendster account some time in
September 2006 (Wow, that was long ago when I was still 18) and right now I have 705 friends (I have no idea I have that many friends). Anyway, I stopped Friendster-ing when I start Facebook-ing (Poor Friendster).  

Okay, back to the original (It's about blog, right?). So, I found my old blog, and it was awesome! It's like you've found the biggest discovery on earth for example the tomb of a new pharaoh named Kalabakabakabakush or the skeleton of never before discovered species of dinosaur named Z-Rexasaurutaurunisaurus (Wow, how on earth did I come out with that names). 

My very first blog was posted in November 2006. It was very short and simple. Here it is:

"Hellloooo… Testing… Itu jak… Bye…"

That was it! I know right, so adorable. Haha~ The last entry was in August 2008. 

I'd like to keep it. I mean, I'd like to link that old blog with this one because it's such a treasure. That blog is like the father of this blog. Haha~ Will there be another generation of this blog? We'll see, hopefully.

I'd like you guys to read it. It's not great, not that good but it's not that bad. =)

Here's the snapshot. 
Click [here] to open the page.

The blog contains highly personal stuff. Much of my entries there are about my life, love life and etc. If you have no problem reading that kind of stuff, you're gladly invited to read. 

P/S: I just wanna say, those eyes in the snapshot are my eyes. 
My eyes are gorgeous. Huahuahua~


Anonymous said...

I deleted my blog in FS, it was due to personal reasons. I regret doin it...

Fanzi said...

that's sad.. i never thought my Friendster blog still exists.. i'm glad to find out it's still there.. =)

Anonymous said...

yeah, i forgot about FS existence when FB was out lookin damn hot. hee~ happy holiday fanzi...

I am Karl said...

karl pun dulu ade blog kat friendster

2 posts je

tp cm borink sgt


plus dh dua tahun lupa password acc.friendster nih


ezudyne said...

hahahaha..fanzi remember sum1 call u abdul in FB..hahahaha

juz wanna say about ur 1st blog..cute bcoz only have a few words there..hakhak..keep blogging ya.. =]

Fanzi said...

Happy hols to u too Zuan.. Have a great one..

Karl, I noticed that my posts in my Facebook blog are mostly about my personal matters.. Sayang plak mw delete.. Hee~

Ezudyne, thanks.. Hehe~ I'll keep on blogging, I'll try..

syam said...

huhu i remember I had a blog there ...used to very active then i decided to leave it becoz FS changed the layout and my blog looked horrible with the new changes. I had it linked to my current blog now..but then I forgot whats the link after I have used a new layout :p ..PLus i odi deleted my fs acc..masi wujud ka tu my blog ah :p

Anti-Supermom said...

I don't even like to go back and look at what I've written a few months ago from my current blog.


ha-ha word verification is unlick ;)

GeTzzz.... said...

hI THERE! Im sure gonna link to ur blog dear..Hope to read abt ur mind abt everydays life:)

-had a blog in fs too. but shifted into another town here in district. The neighbors and the environment here are much tranquil and a bit privacy:) u have a whole garden for u to decorate in which ever way u wanted to...and im happy here.Welcome:)