Sunday, November 15, 2009

KL Night Out

Oh yeah, I haven't posted anything about my first KL night out experience with Iz OIAM and the other friends. 

That night (I forgot when was it), I went to KL alone to watch Papadom with Iz OIAM, Zuan Ham, Intan and Hisham. A little introduction: Iz is a former OIAM Season 2 contestant. Zuan is his PA. Intan is Iz's fan (like me) and Hisham is Iz's friend (he's Rafidah's (3R) brother).

Well, the night went well. Iz is a very friendly person. Not to forget, he's funny too. Haha~

Papadom was OK. Not bad. For those who had watched it, I'd like to say, Pak Dom is the coolest yet most annoying father ever. =P

After the movie, we left Pavilion and went to this very nice place (Iz's recommendation) that they call Old Town Yap Kwan Seng.

There was a funny part that night after I'm done with Iz and friends. Haha~
For those who added me on my Facebook, they would probably know the story. I'm not going to mention it here.

GSC Pavilion: Anding was there too.

At Old Town Yap Kwan Seng.

Hisham, Iz and Zuan.

Old Town Yap Kwan Seng: Esther OIAM was there too.

Great, great night out. Let's do it again. Hehe~

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