Monday, November 16, 2009

Wanna Be On Top?

Our previous journey to KL was awesome (I think I've mentioned it in my previous post). We took a lot of pics. Talking about taking pics reminds me of photo-shoot which reminds me of America's Next Top Model. It's a nice show. The photo-shoots are great. The girls are all beautiful and not to forget, Tyra is damn HOT.

Photo-shooting is a must in ANTM. Same thing goes to us. Taking pictures is a must for us when we go to any place. The fun of talking pictures never ends. 

We did take ANTM-like photos. But ours are sweeter and crazier. Tyra will be proud of these photos especially the last photo. Haha~

Stair-ry pose.

Feeding the birthday girl, Ashley.

A beautiful girl with two HOT messes. Haha~

On the side of the road.

ANTM can now go away. Haha~

Ass-kickin or kickin ass?


Sexy or what? You decide. 
Tyra will be proud if she sees this. 


cik EPAL said...

waahh..macam ANTM la pulak..
btw, i link u k..nice blog ;)

Fanzi said...

Thanks.. =)

syam said...

i LIKE! hahahaah :D