Tuesday, December 15, 2009

KK Moments

I feel ultra-excited today. Why? I'll tell all about it here.

But before that..

Continuation from my last entry, yeah, regarding the Miss World thingy.

So, Miss World 2009 is Miss Gibraltar!

Shocking? Not really. I don't really care actually. Miss USA is still my fav.


Okay, where was I just now? Oh yeah. I am excited today. So many things happened today (in the house).

Where shall I start? 

How bout when I woke up this morning? Hm, sounds great! Haha!

I woke up early in the morning today, nothing much happened. It was ordinary except that it was super hot outside. Luckily, I was inside the house. In fact, I didn't even touch the ground today. The sun were not able to harm me. So I was safe.

Later, Ian James came. For song practice of course. So we practiced and practiced until suddenly we were disturbed by the sound of Mel, the cat. Mel kept on meow-ing. We had no idea what her problem was until we saw some kind of liquid coming out from her vagina part. Wait, is that a right word to describe that part of an animal? Doesn't matter lah. Yang penting kamu faham. Haha.

Anyway, we then came to realize that Mel was going to give birth. We rushed and searched around to find her a box but the cat refused to give birth in the box. Instead, she went into Mink's wardrobe and stayed there. We were like, "OK fine! Let her in there".

We waited for like 3 hours to finally see her giving birth to her first kitten. It was amazing. Delivering a baby sounds very painful yet Mel did it effortlessly. The kitten fell down on the floor from her vagina like a water flowing from a pipe. It was my first time watching a God's creature gave birth.

Mel still had one more to deliver. But this time it wasn't easy. We saw a leg coming out. Wait, something is very wrong here. Supposedly, the head was supposed to come out first.

"Uina, kelahiran SONGSANG ini!"

So we waited, waited, waited for quite some time but nothing happened. Poor cat. She couldn't let the kitten out and she was in terrible pain. Therefore, we decided to help her. Mink and I pulled the leg out. Sambil c Mel meneran sambil kami tarik. Finally after like an hour of pulling and 'meneran-ing', it was finally out. Phew! We officially became a vet today. But, unfortunately the kitten is dead. Poor cat. Mel has lost one of her two kittens. Good thing she still has one. I bet she's going to really really love her only kitten. Mel fell asleep just after the whole thing. I bet she must be really really exhausted. Kesian betul.

Anyway, it was interesting yet sad. What an experience! Hehe.

Moving on, we sat and relaxed after the whole incident. Suddenly, a message came. It was from Asmin Mudin. 

He's gonna give me the demo my new song today! Yeay! 

Later, he came and gave me the demo. Tdk sabar mw dengar. Haha.

So, I've heard it and I love it. It sounds just right, just like my style. I can't wait to go into a recording studio and record the song. Haha.


This is regarding my performance at Sutera Harbour. Mior just called and said that they are missing a piano for that event. No piano means no pianist and that simply means I'm not going to perform. They said they are still working on it and hopefully they can find a piano. That's just sad. I've been practicing for quite some time and it's just not fair. However, I'm still OK if they cancel the performance because I am less confident to sing those jazzy jazzy kinda songs. It's way beyond my music genre. Nnt kalo x ngam, org x suka pla. It's dangerous!

Well, that's all for this time.
See you again.
Signing out, Fanzi.


Mr NAEmnzr said...

best tgok kuciing bersalain.dulu2 slalu gk tgok n naem suka meneran skali n urut perut mak kucinng tu supaya anak dia senang nk kuar.

tu la...
bila dh tgok,insaf sekejap.mcm mn la mak kita masa nk deliver kita dulu.
life is not str8 4ward.

syam said...

sikit sy tjatuh ketawa bc ni "Uina, kelahiran SONGSANG ini!"

ui UR OWN SONG. nice..pigi la rekod cpt2 kasi dgr kmi. nnt kmi vote pg ajl. hahaha

ui knp ur show d sutera tu..syg plak tu. its a big event and u cud be the nex big star for high profile events in kk. hope they get the piano.

bout they wil like u to sing jazz songs ka x...not a prob ba. coz dude, ur a singing machine :p

Anonymous said...

keajaiban ada di mana2. x sangka skg ni kmu serius menyanyi. good, keep it up lah kio

Anonymous said...

Wow...congrats, u're a dad!


Gud luck with da perf..I dun really listen to jazz though..aha :P

Anyway, kmi jln on dis thursday, sy sdh gtau raf and pai, but they haven't reply yet..

iddinm said...

amacam la perasaan menengok kucing bersalin..hahah siapa pny karaja tu

iddinm said...

amacam la perasaan menengok kucing bersalin..hahah siapa pny karaja tu

I am Karl said...

fanzi dear


skang dh rmai read ur blog


manager hebat kan?

gagaggaga - walaupun job blom ada

tp ... adi luqman nk bg 1 single tau!



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Anonymous said...

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btw,oxygen deprivation usually happened to human babies. this is an enlightenment.