Friday, December 11, 2009

Miss World 2009

I've read somewhere that Madeline Nandu was Malaysia's representative for the Miss Earth pageant. As a Sabahan, I'm glad for her because she's also a Sabahan. I sound so patriotic, I know. Hehe. Although she didn't win the title but still, she proved that Sabahan chicks are 'spicy' (I mean beautiful la tu). 

Bila sda baca-baca artikel pasal Miss Earth ni tergerak pla hati mw tgk-tgk pasal Miss World pla. Therefore, I typed Miss World 2009 on the Google's search bar and clicked whatever I was supposed to click. Hm, cun-cun  & lawa-lawa juga lah wanita-wanita itu. I searched high and low for the ONE girl that shall be my favourite among the bunch. I scrolled down the page and this one girl from USA caught my attention. She's damn HOT. Her name is... I forgot her name. Let's just call her Miss America.

Isn't she lovely? I want her to win. USA rules Miss World 2009. Go USA! Uiseh, Malaysia please don't hate me. Oh ya, sy ada tgk jugak Malaysia punya representative. Not bad. Ada ummph juga. I forgot her name but I think she's capable on bringing competition to the other girls. Have I mentioned that our Miss World girl this year is Indian? Yes, she's Indian and she's beautiful. I think she's one of the best Malaysian representatives to the competition. Walaubagaimanapun, Miss Deborah Priya Henry tetap menjadi pujaan ku. Hikhik. She's the best. Oh ya, and Lina Teoh also.

By the way, Miss Indonesia and Miss Mexico pun lawa juga.

Miss Indonesia

Miss Mexico

Here's Miss World Malaysia 2009. 

I'd be happy if she wins the title, because she's Malaysian and I'm Malaysian. But I'm really rooting for Miss America. Peace!


Mr NAEmnzr said...

hehe...ada iras2 jac la miss world malaysia tu.hehe...

luv miss mexico,mta dia memukau.'

Fanzi said...

hehe. Naem, kalo sda bubuh mekap mmg semua cantik. hehe.

I am Karl said...


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Anonymous said...

I just love these chicks!