Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sweet Surprise

My friends informed me that the results are out. I tried to log in the UiTM website but it wasn't easy because the web server was busy. I continuously refreshed the page and finally managed to enter after like 30 minutes of clicking the refresh icon.

This sem, sy x expect result yg bgs sebab the subjects x senang. Kebanyakannya susah-susah. The only subject yg sy yakin dpt A ialah Drama. Waktu page loading tu, dlm hati sy bdoa moga-moga pointer x turun dr 3.00.

Like POOF! the page was fully loaded. I was shocked because my result was insane. Ndala meletup gila-gila tahap dewa dewi tp OK la dr jangkaan sy. Ada ka patut dpt A untuk Phonetics. I was like, "Biar betul ini? Result org lain kali sy buka ni". Cek-cek lagi, hm, mmg result sy ba pula. Syukur kepada Allah. Alhamdulillah. Dapat masuk DL juga. I managed to accomplish my mission. Last sem pointer sy jatuh. Sem ni naik balik. Thank God. Tercapai juga hasrat mw dpt DL sem ni. Next mission, DL lg next sem. Amin.

Seperti jangkaan, Drama dpt A. Yg mengejutkan Phonetics dpt A. Plus or minus tu x pyh la bgtw. Hehe. I thought I was gonna fail my French subject because I accidentally slept throughout the last test and left the room with so many unanswered questions on my answer sheet. Tp OK jugak pla. 

I'm lucky this time. Hopefully it'll continue.


t a u f i k said...

Félicitations pour votre résultat de l'examen, fanzi!
keep up the good work next sem!

Anonymous said...

What? U got A for phonetix? Me, I got B (the lowest for dat), tp mmg expected la...haha

Congrats! Congrats!

Fanzi said...

Thanks guys. Hehehehe~ So happy.

Ash, that one mmg unexpected lah. Mw pg salam Mr Suthagar la ni pas ni. Hik3.

Anonymous said...

X pyh salam2...kiss trus haha

Fanzi said...

ciss. trus dia tukar result sy kalo buat mcm tu. dia bg C- trus. haha.

Anonymous said...

Tu as très bien. Gardez cela en place, Fanzi!