Monday, March 22, 2010

Lady Gaga Masturbates


Beyonce says, "You've been a very bad girl. A very very bad bad girl Gaga! Kaaaaauuurpp!" *munching food*

Well, who the hell cares if Lady Gaga is masturbating. It's not our business, really. But since she's a huge-star [I prefer using the word huge-star instead of superstar because the latter is overused], I guess it's everybody's business when she masturbates or even just farts or burps or whatsoever, I don't know. *shrug* Well, Gaga, that's what you get for being a famous monster, err, I mean lady.

Well, this post is not generally about Gaga's masturbation thingy. I don't care, really, at all.

Forget about the whole masturbation thingy. Have you guys heard her song Alejandro? It's a very nice song. Have I mentioned that she has 3 boyfriends in the song? Yes, she has 3 men: Alejandro, Roberto and Fernando.

Well, that's not really the point. If you guys read my previous post about my misheard lyric on Alicia Keys' State Of Empire - "New Yooork, concrete jungle made of tomaaaaato" - the same thing actually happened again. But this time it's on Lady Gaga's song, Alejandro.  There's this line from the song that's supposed to be "I'm not your babe, I'm not your babe" but I misheard it, so it became "I masturbate, I masturbate".

Oh yes I did! *laugh sheepishly*

After my friend, Pai, told me the correct lyric, I blinked and as usual we laughed so hard. 

Please excuse my ears for doing such a bad job. I have no idea how I got all that wrong lyrics in my head. But seriously if you listen to Lady Gaga, she sounded like she's saying "I masturbate" 2 times. Pardon me. For those who might think I'm a pervert, please refrain from thinking so because I'm actually one of those guys who have very innocent mind. Yes, I'm INNOCENT.

Seems like I have this problem of identifying speech production. I just realized that when I actually thought she said "Show me your tits" in her new song Teeth. I bet all of you (especially Gaga's fans) know that the correct line is "Show me your teeth". Again, please excuse my ears. *blushing*

Moral of the story is, if you want to talk to me, make sure your pronunciation is clear. Please speak at a turtle's speed so that I won't have problem catching your words. Thank you so much.  


Dict MFG said...

Google "Freudian Slip"

and btw...ROFL! Fukin hilarious buddy!

Dict MFG said...

And btw if she has 3 boiprens...I don't think she'd HAVE to masturbate...

Fanzi said...

it doesn't matter if she has 3 boiprens.. I did hear she sings "I masturbate.. I masturbate" LOL..

ayie said...

haha...slang dia buat lirik dia sound cm terpesong.

ever heard of Britney Spears - If You seek Amy, people misheard for F-U-C-K Amy. Hahaha.. so parents have been calling radio stations in US just to get that song down so it won't ruin their childrens minds. :))

Cath J said...

hahahha... good 1... ;-p

luxperpetua said...

slip of the ears..hehe
it always happens. LOL

and always turns out to be misheard as words in the sexual context.haha

Gladys David said...

Despite your denial, I do think that it's the 'mind filter' that dictates how you translate the words that you hear LOL.

♥BelLa Ace♥ said...

..and I thought I'm the only one who heard 'made of tomato'...haha..u did too..

But the 'I masturbate'..emm...didn't heard it that way.. huahuahua...
Funny post..