Monday, March 1, 2010

Last Weekend

I had a BLAST last weekend. I must say that it was one of my busiest weekends ever. 

Thursday [25/02/2010]

Haiqal called me that night to join him to go back to Kuala Selangor but since I got a few things unsettled here for example assignments etc, I told him that I can only join him on the next day. He said OK.

Friday [26/02/2010]

That night, my friends and I decided to watch a movie. It was a terrific idea because we all desperately need something to help relax our mind. Our poor brains have been working hard for the past few weeks to complete all the tests and assignments etc etc. So, anyway, we went to Sunway Pyramid and watched Niyang Rapik. I wasn't so sure why we picked that one. Maybe because we were in the mood of watching scary movies. Overall, the movie was OK. The best part was when the guy who was sitting in front of me screamed like a girl while one of the ghosts suddenly popped up on the screen. It was very funny seeing a male adult acting like a little girl. My friend Fara was also not doing so bad with the screaming. 

There was one funny incident happened during the night. While waiting to go in to watch the movie, we took that few minutes taking pictures. Suddenly, came this lady, out of nowhere, and joined our little cam-whoring session. We were like "Who the hell is this woman?" But we didn't say it out loud lah. It was so funny. We couldn't stop laughing after the lady took off. 

After the movie, we took some more photos (thanks to Fai's DSLR). Then, we headed to Bandi (it's a restaurant) to have something to drink. We stayed  and chatted there for hours and finally it was time to go back. Fai and I couldn't go back to the hostel because it was really late and we knew that the security guard would surely 'fire' us. So, we stayed that night at Fara's house.

Saturday [27/02/2010)

I woke up early (well not so early actually) to get myself ready because Haiqal was coming. We were going to KLCC. We actually didn't know what to do there until we reached the place. We decided to watch Valentine's Day. I was excited because I've been wanting to see that movie and now I could finally see it. In conclusion, the movie was great. I enjoyed it very much. I like Anne Hathaway's character. So funny especially when she entertained those horny guys who called her (phone sex).

After that, Haiqal wanted to buy a pair of shoes as a gift for his friend. We went to Pedro and he bought the shoes there. 

We then went back to Haiqal's house. I stayed there for a night.

Sunday [28/02/2010]

I waited excitedly for Sunday night because we were going to watch ANTARA (a theater) at Istana Budaya. It was my first time attending an event at that place and I was friggin' excited. 

This pic was taken from Haiqal's blog.

The theater was awesome. The casts were amazing. The singers done a very good job. Overall, I like it very much. Kudos to Erma Fatima for serving us with such a nice show.

Should I mention what ANTARA is about? Well, I don't think it's necessary since you can search for information about it easily in the internet. If you really want to know about it, google it.  

Some of my favorite photos that I've taken during the weekend. Thanks to Fai for the photos.

I know my hair looks funny. Just pretend you didn't see it. Haha!

P/S: Haiqal, I'm waiting for our photos at Istana Budaya. 


Qarl said...

yeah.. u quoted me as 'HAIQAL".. full name siot!


pics ms ANTARA? xnk bg la.. hahaha

still waiting frm adi..

Fanzi said...

I think Haiqal is more appropriate.. hehe..

nnt bila dah dpt mintak k.. huhu..