Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How To Teach Your Dragon

Recently, I watched How To Train Your Dragon at the cinema.

Little I know that it's actually a computer-animated film by DreamWorks Animation. Anyhow, that's not a problem because I love computer-animated films.

The story takes place in a village called Berk. It is about Hiccup, the young Viking, who wanted to be a dragon slayer like his father and the rest of the people in the village. Unfortunately, he's far from becoming a dragon slayer because, well, let's just say that he's different from the others in the village. He is small or should I say physically unqualified to become a dragon slayer. His father, Stoick, is the leader of the village and is respected by the people because of his remarkable reputation in killing dragons. Stoick is strong and brave unlike Hiccup. But in my personal opinion, Hiccup is smarter than his dad.

However, Hiccup wanted to be like his father so much. One day he sneaks out from the house on a mission to kill a dragon. He wanted to prove that he can be a good dragon slayer.

Trying to prove himself to his father and the others, Hiccup decides to kill the extremely rare dragon and never captured before that is Night Fury. He manages to shoot one down during the raid, but is unable to convince the other Vikings of that. Attempting to get proof, he sneaks off and manages to find the dragon he shot down, which is indeed a Night Fury. But, Hiccup can't bring himself to kill the helpless creature and frees the Night Fury instead.

Later, he again finds the Night Fury trapped in a small canyon. The Night Fury can't fly because one of its tail wings was ripped off. Basically, Hiccup helps the Night Fury and they become good 'friends'.

And then, there are some conflicts and dramas, bla bla bla.

I would recommend you guys to watch this movie because it's great. Simply great! I give 4.5 stars.

What I like about this movie :

  • It involves dragon and the dragons are mostly very adorable especially Toothless, the Night Fury that becomes Hiccup's pet.
  • It is rich of good moral values. It almost made me cry. You'll understand when you watch it.  
  • Funny and cute.
  • Toothless is so cute. 
  • The feeling I got while watching this movie is similar to the feeling when I watch 300, Narnia and Percy Jackson. I love all those movies. So I guess How To Train Your Dragon is the reincarnation of those 3 films, only that it is animated and cuter.

I know, my movie review sucks. I'm very bad in writing a movie review. Forgive me for that.

Yours sincerely, 


Dewi Batrishya said...

Bad review meh? :P LOLOL!!
I enjoyed reading it.. It's the thought that matters! :D
Cute kan toothless.. GeGeGeGe.. ^^
This makes me wanna go back to kk & sit in Growball watching fantastic movies..! *Sigh* Growball memories.. :(
Can't watch much movies here.. Ngok!! Y it has to be so far away and expensive? HUrm.. -.-

Qarl said...

nk tgk gak dis movie

cute sgt kan

Dior (Shahril Shaari) said...

i love the movie...very exciting & smiling when thinking of it...hahah.