Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wordstars Road To Hollywood Audition

Thanks to Azmi, I finally got the video recording of me singing Sampai Syurga during the audition. When was the audition again? I forgot. It was last week so it should've been on March 13 and 14. It was on the second day where we were asked to come back and sing again for the second time.

I received quite disappointing comments from the judges on the first day. I sang My Baby You by Marc Anthony and apparently it wasn't good enough for them. That's why I was asked to come back the next day.

Talking about the audition, I was very nervous. My legs and hands were shaking when I got on the stage. Plus, the audition was done openly. There were many people watching and it had surely contributed to my nervousness. 

Anyway, it was done. The audition was over and the good news is, I'm through to the semi final. The bad news is, I'm completely clueless about the semi final. I have not decided what song I am going to sing, my outfits, the minus-ones and so on. 

So, here is the video of the audition. I sang Sampai Syurga. It wasn't great and it wasn't good. When I listen to it, it's obvious that I need to improve more on my singing especially voice placement. Moreover, I was damn tired and hungry during the audition. It's hard to sing well when we have no energy. However, thank God the judges thought I did better than my previous performance. 

Well, wish me luck in the semi-final. 

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