Friday, March 5, 2010

1 Malaysia

Hey people.

Make way. Patriotism is coming through.

Unity is not hard to achieve if we respect each other. 

Love is necessary for us to maintain unity.

Malaysia consists of people of different races.

Let's not make enviousness as our lawyer. Let's not make anger as our judge. Let's not make love as our enemy. Let's not make Malaysia as our battleground. 

Love peace and unity.

I'm Dusun. You are Malay. He's Chinese. She's Indian.
But altogether, we are Malaysian.



luxperpetua said...

bagus! semangat 1 malaysia.that's what we want..

tapi tadi aku repeat bace ayat kau..let's make love..hahaha

Fanzi said...

hahaha. fara bengong. sy tulis/taip "let's not make love....." la. ketara sgt otak kuning. hehehe.

Qarl said...

wah tibe2 bsemangat patriotisme kan


Anonymous said...

eee... 1 malaysia :P

Anonymous said...

1malaysia sounds like a politicised agenda. why only now, afterall? better late than never though. Agree with your points.