Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mr Froggy: You Are A Disgrace To All Frogs

Failblog has always been one of my favourite channels to watch on Youtube. Do you guys wanna know why I am so hooked up with this particular Youtube channel? Watch this video and you'll know why.

See? You get what I mean? Pay close attention to that poor frog. The frog looks retard, doesn't it? 

Poor Mr Froggy. Imagine what would happen to that poor Mr Froggy if the other frogs saw that embarrassing incident? Do you think the other frogs would isolate him? Unfortunately, I do think that he would be banned from living in the frogs society because he has successfully made the frogs all over the world look dumb. He's a disgrace to the society. The jump and the sticking out of the tongue would have been amazingly graceful if only he managed to catch the dragonfly. Blame his adorably short tongue for his failure. If I were the frog, I'd kill myself. No I'm just kidding. Whatever happens, life must go on, right?

To the poor Mr Froggy, do not give up. There are a lot of dragonflies out there waiting to make you look dumb and dumber. Prove them wrong for the sake of all the frogs in the world.

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