Tuesday, March 16, 2010



Hi. How're you my dear blog? It has been a while. Lately I've been very busy. I actually have a class at 11.30 but since I still have 2 hours before the class, I think it's OK to spend some time writing (typing) a blog.

Well, what have I got myself into! No it's not a question. It's just an expression (duh!). Last weekend I went for WCOPA (World Championship of Performing Arts) audition. If it wasn't because of Rizu, I would never know there would be an audition. He and informed me (through Yahoo Messenger) that the audition would be held at KL Central. So, there I was, a little clueless and nervous because I wasn't really prepared. Oh, the audition has 4 categories that are vocal, instrumental, modeling and acting. I joined the vocal category. I decided to sing My Baby You by Marc Anthony. Did I tell you that I had to pay RM90 for the audition? Hehe!

There, I met a few celebrities. First and foremost, Rizu OIAM was there. He was the one who informed me the audition and asked me to join. So thank you so much Rizu. The AF contestants were also there (Nadia and Mila). The OIAM contestants were also there (Iz and Shila and of course Rizu). Nabil MENTOR was also there. 

After the audition, Deja Mos told us to come back again the next day and asked us to choose another song to perform. So, we went there for the second time and that time, I sang Sampai Syurga. 

Thank God I managed to be one of the semifinalists together with all the celebs I've mentioned above. I'll be competing with the talented ones. It's actually a good thing but it makes me feel so little. Whatever it is, I just hope I can do my very best. I'm not aiming to be in the final. I'm just going to do my very best. 

Right now, I'm in the process of choosing songs. There are 10 songs (with different genres) need to be prepared. I'm in the dark here. I still haven't picked any song. 

Anyway, wish me luck my friends. That's all I need. Thank you. 

I took a few pictures during the first day of audition. [CLICK HERE]


Qarl said...


my pray is always with u

all d very best

ape je 10 lagu tu>> share dgn i plz

Frazi A said...

hi thre! hoping u made it to the next round! hard work is the key of excellent! do your best!

Fanzi said...

Qarl: tq so much.. blum cari lagu lg.. boleh tolong suggest x?

Frazi: tq.. =)

Dewi Batrishya said...

-Pick different genre that u think brings out the best vocals in you..
-Supposed they were searching for 'versatility'? You'll have an advantage there if you came prepared.
-U always sings ballads.. That's ur strongest point.
But it can be boring sometimes..
You need to entertain the judges..
at the same time you need to capture the audience.
-Maybe u can try something like neYo? Usher? RnB HipHop type of songs but still retain the uniqueness in the voice.
-well, newayz, Good Lux! xoxo

Fanzi said...

wow Dewey.. thanks.. u're awesome.. how may i love you.. =P

Dewi Batrishya said...

Just Love me as you always do.. LOL!
Try Frankie J's version of More than words..
He sang so SaDap!! XD
or NeYo - Never knew I needed..
or Steal the spotlight! by singing:
Justin Bieber's - Baby..
(You can do the adult version of tht song!)
wakakaka.. ;)