Thursday, February 4, 2010

Extremely Bored

Sitting alone here makes me bored (well duh!). What should I do? Eat? I don't feel like eating. I don't feel like doing anything at all. Just wanna sit here, in front of my old laptop (need to buy a new one. No idea when I can get a new one), doing absobloominglutely nothing. NOTHING! I feel nothing... NOTHING!! And it's boring. I need a life. A good one. An amazing one. I'm not implying that the life I'm living now is bad or ugly and stuff. It's just that (long pause), something is missing, which indicates that my life's indeed empty. I don't know what it missing. Well, I think I have a great life, but in reality, I actually have an empty one. An EMPTY life. A dull one. 

I don't know why I even bother to complain about this. But God I feel bored! I need something, something interesting, fun and enjoyable and is worth doing. I think I need a vacation. I MUST have a vacation. I must freak out. Or else, I'll be dead (not technically)

Talking about freaking out, last week my friends and I went to KL. We stayed a night there and walked around KL area. It was very exhausting but we had fun though. That one fine night, we freaked out somewhere over the rainbow (mouth zipped).

I need some more of that please. I mean, I need more outings. Because right now I feel extremely bored. I know my friends are going to crash Genting soon, which makes me feel a bit jealous because I can't go with them, because I'm going back to Sabah to celebrate CNY and to settle the recording thingy. God, can't wait to go back and enjoy the super-nice weather of The Land Below The Wind.

Wow, I feel a lot better now after shitting all these craps. Guess I need to do this more often. 


Raf Rafail said...

a girlfriend perhaps?

Qarl said...

Happy CNY

nnt claim hadiah besday

ade dh dlm kete

bile la nk jumpe

i sgt bz.. tp akan cr msa gak hang out rmai2

pic header : SUPER DUPER COOL

Fanzi said...

Raf, maybe.. just maybe.. hmmm..

Haiqal, ada hadiah? wow, bestnya.. bila u guys free? kalo nak hang out, inform la k.. =)

pic header: Thanks.. hehe..

syam said...

dun wory, the plan to genting is postponed..all rooms are fully booked and we cudnt go and get back on the same day..wudnt hav enuf time to enjoy evrything to the max :p

Wan Botaq said...

apa yang anda perlukan ialah seorang awek cun tahap heroin bollywood tu... tiada lagi boring dalam hidup mu..

hehehehehe... blog walking, just nak cari kawan2...

Anonymous said...

Woo, a gf? Mo terjah ni nnt..haha :P

Nice new header..;) Ckp dgn pai, pinjam ba dlu SLR tu..:P