Sunday, February 7, 2010

Early Sunday Morn

Wow, maybe I was too tired last night. I went straight to sleep last night after the ceremony (and after eating kuey teow and the KFC bought by Rafail). I need to avoid sleeping after eating or my tummy will get bigger. Big tummy is a BIG no no for me.

It's only 0808 now. The day's still very early. Well, that is considered late during weekdays but since today's Sunday, getting up at before 0808 is considered early. The morning weather is amazing. Not hot and a bit cloudy which I like so much. I think now is a good time to go jogging. Hm, forget it. I don't like to jog. I prefer dancing. Dancing is also one of the good exercises, right? Right.

Last night, I wanted to wash my clothes but I was really tired. Yesterday, I was supposed to wake up at 0700 because I have an appointment at 0800. Unfortunately, I woke up at 0808 and the lady was already outside waiting for me. In a rush, I brushed my teeth and washed my face and skipped my shower (do not try this at home. You should always get a shower if you are to go to a meeting). I put on my black jeans and green t-shirt and grabbed my army cap and take off to meet the lady. I was not very sure how I smell at that time. Haha! 

Well, that happened yesterday. Today, I plan to stay in the house and do the laundry. Maybe go out to eat. Hm, I don't think I should eat today. I've had so much last night. Need to slim down a bit because I can feel and see my tummy's getting bigger.

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luxperpetua said...

tank kau besa.
ko makan banyak pon takpe.
takkan gemuk.sbb space kat dlm mmg dah sedia ade besa..hee