Monday, February 15, 2010


Yahoo! The voicing is done. Now all I have to do is wait for the final product. Tinggal mix and master lagi. When it's all done, then I have to find ways to 'sell' the song. For those who are wondering, I'm talking about my single, my very own song.

Here's a snippet of my song. Hope you enjoy the song. And when the song is out, please support me. Thanks.

The song is not fully done yet. Ni baru raw recording yg kena buat tp saja mw bg dgr. I hope people will like it. Amin. The title of the song is Dua Cinta Menjadi Satu (song/lyric by Asmin Mudin). There's a Dusun version of the song also. 

Anyway, have a nice day you guys. Please support me. Thanks.


One said...

Kami akan sentiasa support ko fanzi. Nti ko pun kena ada fan page mcm sy:

Cpt2 kasi kluar single ko,kasi boom 1malaysia.budak edu akhirnya leh jadi mcm yuna.go go fanzi!!

Fanzi said...

haha~ sy jd fan ko sda.. =)

cita-cita mw jadi mcm Yuna la ni.. harap2 menjadi.. hehe.. Tq..

Nerojei said...

Keep up the good work! :)

Qarl said...

many people will support u

trust me

but 1st things 1st, u kne improve ur communication skills tau!!!

i'll help

d rest pun will help

Mr NAEmnzr said...

congrats fanzi.sedap...naem suka...dh ulang2 kali degar preview ni...
all d best ya.

luv it!
as haiqal said" improve communication skills..."u blajar dari dia.dia suka/pandai bercakap:p

I am FANzi!!!

One said...

hehe..thx for being my fan fanzi.nti sy lg jd big fan of yours!!good luck!!!we will support you!

syam said...

yana ckp fes album kmi beli...second album bg free siap dgn otograph ko ok. bangga jua kmi tunjuk sm murid d skola.

haha btw..this is an amazing track. hope you can tembus pasaran malaysia and make it BIG!