Saturday, February 13, 2010

Coretan Batinku

Wow, I don't know why I feel so pumped up to write so many things in my blog. Like Gunung Berapi Pendam, my brain starts pouring out so many light bulbs after a long sleep. Therefore, the best thing to do now is to layan my brain and write (type) as many words as possible.

Actually, I just had my shower. The time now is 5.38 in the morning and yes, ayam-ayam belum lg berkokok. In just a few hours, I'll be flying back to Kota Kinabalu Sabah. For CNY? Well, mostly no. It's mostly because I have to finish the recording. I think I've mentioned about this so many times already in my Facebook. Therefore, I will not talk further about it here. Nanti org ckp "Minta puji."

Well, I can't believe so many good things happened to me. I can't even think of one problem that I'm having right now other than a few problems regarding my study, which is totally normal, up to the point that I think it's not even a problem anymore. 

I do have one problem. My HAIR. My hair is giving me so much pressure lately. My closest friend told me the other day that I am seriously unlucky and will stay unlucky forever unless I cut my hair short. What? Cut my hair? Are you kidding me? Sda pendek pun rambut sy. Buat pa mw gunting lagi? "Well, tell that to that Kakak Guard over there," my friend said. 

Adoi, I hate it. My hair is not even long now that I've already cut it two days ago. But still kena tahan jugak d gate UiTM. It's so unfair. Well, it's always unfair for those who get busted by the UiTM guards. Siapa yg x kena tangkap tu untung lah. Selalunya yg selalu lepas tu golongan-golongan Awww (I hope you guys know what I mean. Don't make me explain). I don't know what happened but those beautiful men with blonde and long hair slalu lalu lalang di gate sewenang-wenangnya tanpa kena saman oleh security guards. Maybe I should pretend like a pondan while entering the gate. By doing so, I might be safe. Hehe! Alangkah beruntungnya.

Apparently, I'm not one of the lucky ones. I think the security guards might have some unfinished business with me, especially the Kakak. That's why dia selalu tahan sy. Or, maybe she likes me. By doing that, she can talk to me and, and, and you know the rest of the story. Haha! No way. Let's just conclude that I have the worst luck when it comes to hair. Moral of the story, wear skull cap while entering the faculty.

So, basically, that's the only problem that I have now. But since I am a 'good' student, I don't give a damn about it. Would love to tell this to the Kakak but I don't have the guts, "Remember, karma is a bitch. Kalo kakak suka sgt tahan-tahan students, suatu masa nnt u'll also get busted by the Police."

OK, next story. This is a story about one of my friends. His name is Tom (bukan nama sebenar). He told me that he wants to be a metrosexual guy. Haha! Sounds funny, I feel like laughing my guts out. But he looks so serious and determined. So, he asked me so many things for example question like, "What should I wear?", "Do I have to buy a deodorant?", "Is this L'Oreal Menexpert good enough for me?" "What colour suits me well?", "Should I shave?" etc. 

Well, my dear friend, I don't know. It's up to you. If you think you don't need a deodorant, then you don't have to buy. I (like most of the other guys) am not that metrosexual. Sometimes, I feel bad because I laughed too much when he asked those questions. But I couldn't help it, because it was funny. Anyway, my friend, keep on taking care of yourself. It's actually good for you in so many aspects.

Before I go to sleep (I'm kinda sleepy already), I wanna ask you a question. How to know if someone is really sincere when he or she asks you for forgiveness? I don't know exactly why I asked this question. Maybe it's a rhetorical question. Maybe you don't have to answer. Few weeks ago, my friend and I were having a conflict. We both didn't speak to each other for the whole day until he came to see me and apologized. He cried and I was very sure that those tears that fell down from his eyes are genuine. No one could ever fake that tears unless he or she is a very good actor/actress. Or unless I'm a bad observer. What I like about conflict is that it makes your relationship with your friends (or whoever) grows stronger and closer once the conflict has been settled.

OK. Guys, I got a plane to catch. Gotta sleep now. See you soon. Oh and by the way, HAPPY CNY and Valentine's Day!!


k.A said...

lol. rambut pon boleh jd masalah besar kan.hmm, i guess tak salah pon kalau kita beri kemaafan tak kira dia betul2 jujur atau tak. :)

Fanzi said...

hehe.. tu la pasal..

yup, we should forgive x kira dia ikhlas or x. my question there is HOW to know whether they are sincere or not.. =)

Anonymous said...

k.a.. uitm doe.. rambut pjg sket kene saman.. pfft ~

aku rase dat kakak suka ko laa.. kakak yg memboringkan.. tp lawak bout that metrosexual thingy.. haha.. funny..

KakaXY said...

selamat pulang ke di sana ranau
and enjoy the hols
and the whole plane 4 urself

Fanzi said...

je who: tu la pasal pakai skull cap.. hehehe~ kakak tu bikin panas la.. ko x pnah kena oleh kakak tu? hehe, mmg pyh nak jd metro.. =P

KakaXY: hehe.. thnks.. =)