Saturday, February 20, 2010

Express Expressions

There are few things that I've done I'd like to highlight today.

01. Just finished packing. I'll be in KK tomorrow.

02. The internet connection sucks big time. I started to hate Celcom Broadband.

03. I met my friend today, Jewel. I think he's now having the best time of his life because his tummy is getting bigger. He's also very talkative now. He used to be the shy guy way back during our secondary school era. I guess knowing that he'll become a doctor soon makes him happy. 

04. My wallet is reinforced. Huhu.

05. I've just had a dinner with my siblings at Puncak Borneo. It was awesome. The place is super cold. 

06. I've made today as a finishing-my-assignment day and was expecting a message regarding the assignment from my friend (because he promised to text me today) but I haven't received any messages yet. I've sent him a message and I'm still waiting for his reply. Actually, I was kind of disappointed and scared because firstly, he was supposed to send the information regarding the assignment to me earlier today (he's promised) as I've made myself free for the sake of finishing the assignment. Secondly, I'm not always free especially after today. Therefore, I might have some problems finishing the assignments and I'll be back in SA only on Monday which is the day we are supposed to submit the assignment. I'm freaking out right now. Why didn't you send me the message, why?

P/S: The internet connection here sucks. Therefore, I won't be able to check my email and send emails.


Qarl said...

CELCOM BROADBAND received many bad reviews from their users who among them my coursemates....

hope u manage to complete ur eseimen. at least u submit on time

Anonymous said...

serious celcom nye broadband sucks big time.. aku dulu pakai then stop.. pakai streamyx.. murah n lagi laju..