Friday, February 12, 2010

12/02/2010 : 2207

I have nothing to do. I was shocked when I logged in to my blog just to find out that I have new followers. Yeay! Thanks guys. Well, the follow-my-blog thingy is not something that I really care to bother about but recently, I feel that having many followers makes me feel good about my blog. What I'm trying to say here is, it encourages me to write more and more and more and more and more, and that's a good thing for me, right? Hihi.

[Stop writing about 20 minutes]

Hehe. Our McD order has arrived. I ordered Big Mac and McD Nuggets. I'm not really a big fan of McD but in times like this, it is the only way out of hunger. The Kakak Cafe didn't open her food stall because everyone here in Cendana college have already went back to their hometown for CNY, especially the Chinese. There are some food corners outside but it requires you to walk about 10 minutes which is somewhat hard to do because we are too damn lazy. Haha. Therefore, we decided to call for McD delivery. And now the foods are here. Yummy! Everything looks delicious when you're hungry. 

I'll be going to LCCT tomorrow at 1350. I'm going back home. I'm excited. I'll be doing several things such as  finishing the recording of my song. Can't wait to hear it. And hopefully, more opportunities will come into my way. Gosh, I'm so damn excited.

Actually, I have a plan. But I'll talk about it in my next post, soon.


Dict MFG said...

I wanna go hoooooooooome tooooooooooooooo... T_T

Fanzi said...

kesian.. xpa.. we'll go home together time cuti hujung sem ni.. =)

k.A said...

happy holidays. have fun!